12 Days of Christmas Hat Tournament

The holidays are approaching and thus comes AFDC’s 12 Days of Christmas hat tournament. This year’s theme is two turtle doves.

Registration begins Monday, November 18th at http://leagues.afdc.com/leagues. The first 108 men and 48 women get in. If you don’t make it, you will be put into a waiting list – separate for each gender. Name and rank will be needed for registration. You are not guaranteed a spot until you pay. No refunds. No pairs. Registration closes on Wednesday, December 4th.

When: Dec 14th and Dec 15th

Where: Georgia Soccer Park Parking is going to be $1, similar to other AFDC events at GSP.

Time: 9 AM Saturday. Sunday 10am.

Cost: $30 – Paypal only.

Bring: Must wear a hat. As hats cover your head, visors do not count. If you are unsure of what makes a suitable hat, please consult wikipedia.

Shirts: We are giving out T-shirts with the logo designed by Spin. We can not guarantee you get the shirt size due to lead times. We will be ordering the same variety of shirt sizes in each color. Get to the fields early on Saturday to get first dibs.

Swag: This year we are providing AFDC branded travel mugs to players. Why? Because it’s historically been cold and we’ll be providing hot chocolate/cider. In the event that it is warm, an alternative beverage will be provided.

Party:  This year the party is going to be paired with the Black Tie AFDC Grants Fundraiser. Unlike the last couple of years, the party will not be the night before the tournament. It will be December 7th at Vinyl. Further details are available here. The baking competition will be at the party this year and canned goods will also be accepted.

Check-in: Check-in starts at 8am on Saturday morning at the fields under the big tent. The schedule will be sent out on Friday evening as will an email to the players with first round byes.

Canned Good Drive: This year we are partnering with Intown Collaborative Ministries. While all canned food items are welcome, priority items include:

  • Peanut butter (plastic container preferred)
  • Jelly (plastic container preferred)
  • Canned tuna
  • Canned chicken or other meats
  • Pasta sauce
  • Shelf stable milk (powdered or boxed)
  • Non-perishable juice (orange and apple preferred)
  • Snacks
  • Condiments in single serve packs
  • Can openers

Blind Bet: Someone will be accepting $5 bet at check-in. Bet on a team to win it all and if your pick wins you get to split the pot.

Baking Competition: The baking competition will occur at the party this year. You are welcome to compete in as many divisions as you choose. A panel of judges is currently being put together. Individual tastes can be acquired for the donation of one good or a dollar. Those that donate will also be allowed to vote for a fan favorite per category. Entrants should email me to express their interest. Divisions are:

  • Cookie
  • Cake/pie
  • Brunch (muffins/bread/etc)
  • Non-chocolate/misc.

Canned Goods Player Trade – whoever brings the most cans will get to have the ability to switch a player from one team with a player on another. There will be restricted players on each roster that can not be traded. All trades are subject to my approval to ensure things don’t get unfair.

Prizes: We will have prizes in the following categories.

  • Bake sale (per division)
  • Winning the tourney

Questions, jokes, stories, or riddles can be sent to Paul Brett or posed on the forums.

Photo courtesy of GSP and Tom Deaver


Designs from previous years:












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