About Us

The Atlanta Flying Disc Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of Ultimate in Atlanta. The AFDC is a non-profit organization formed in 1978, incorporated in 1988, and currently has over 2500 members. We are completely run by volunteers who give their time and energy to organizing Ultimate leagues, Goaltimate leagues, tournaments, and afdc.com.

Where to get information

New to the AFDC? Unless it’s May or December there is probably a league going on right now that you can join. Click here for our general leagues schedule and click here for a list of our board of directors, commissioners and TDs.  Find out who is running the current league(s), contact them, and tell them you are new to the area and a little bit about your skill level/experience if you are not a new player. They’ll try to get you involved immediately.

If you just have questions or comments, e-mail us at info@afdc.com. We’ll be happy to tell you about current leagues, local pickup games, club teams, or volunteering.

The AFDC Forums are also an up-to-date source for the most recent conversations on Atlanta ultimate. Be warned, they are also the home of some very obsessed frisbee nerds who love to argue about the minutiae of frisbee rules, team cores, and god knows what else. There is a Pickup Forum as part of our AFDC Forums that may list some one-time games.

AFDC Leagues

The AFDC sponsors various leagues throughout the year, typically mixing players of all skill levels to encourage the development of new players and spirited competition for everyone.  Most of the leagues are mixed (co-ed). Some are more competitive than others but all leagues are recreational and all are open to anyone who signs up. Once you sign up for a league you’ll usually wind up in the draft where you will be chosen by a captain. Once you’re on a team, your captain should e-mail you. You’ll also find each league has its own section on the our leagues page. The players on each team are listed along with the complete schedule and locations for the year. Here is an overview of all leagues


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Ultimate ambition: Olympic recognition by Robyn Turner

General Calendar

Go here for general information regarding the timing of leagues and our full official calendar.

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