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Atlanta teams travel to 2016 Youth Club Championships

The Youth Club Championships is the premier national event for youth teams around the United States lasting Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th. With a staggering 76 teams in five divisions in attendance, YCCs isn’t just the top event … More »

Updated – Job Opening: Executive Director

8/1 – Update – We have received several applications and are begining the interview cycle. We will not be reviewing new applications until that cycle is complete and only if we do not find a suitable candidate.   AFDC Executive … More »

Atlanta YCC2015 Preview

Thanks to the continued ground swell for ultimate in the Atlanta community and because of wonderful volunteers like Anita Summers, George Li, and others, the AFDC is proudly sending FOUR teams to compete this weekend at the USA Ultimate Youth Club … More »

8/12 Games at GSP are cancelled. Captains will have to make calls for in town sites

Summer EoS Party Details

All AFDC members are welcome to come eat, drink, dance, and celebrate the summer together at Three Taverns Brewery in Decatur 

Help teach summer camps

The City of Atlanta, Department of Parks and Recreation has invited the AFDC to help with summer teen camps this year, from June 2 to July 31. We are rounding up interested AFDC’ers who’d like to lead 1 to 2 … More »

How to: Being a Good Captain

As a captain you have an immense effect on your team’s experience. The AFDC would like to encourage all captains to provide a similar foundation while still applying their personal style. More »

2014 Sunday Night Lights

2014 Sunday Night Lights is getting ready to kick off March 2nd. Russell Snow will be your commissioner. More »

2013 Terminus Video Stream

Come out and cheer on the local teams this weekend. If you can’t be there here’s the info to purchase the live stream from

2013 Club Terminus

This weekend the AFDC hosts the second leg of USAU’s Triple Crown Tour at the Georgia Sports Park. Games start at 10am. Showcase round at 5pm