Board of Directors

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To get to know the peeps who make it all possible, we posed several questions to our board of directors:

  • What should you being doing while you are responding to emails about Ultimate (What is your day job)?
  • You games get rained out. You force you teammates to go to:
  • Ice cream of choice:
  • Throw you wish you could master:
  • You’ll know you’ve mastered disc s ports when you…
  • Dream pet:

John Boezi – President


  • Day Job: Mechanical Engineer & General Manager of Atlanta Hustle
  • Rained out hang out: Hankook Taqueria
  • Ice cream: Friendly’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae
  • Throw to master: Upwind push pass
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: Have 3 ultimate e-mail accounts that receive 500 e-mails per week
  • Dream pet:  Brian Griffin

Amy Salley – Secretary


  • Day Job: Lawyer, Grammar Nazi
  • Rained out Hang out: Midway!
  • Ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s. Any Ben & Jerry’s
  • Throw to master: Backhand
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: greatest
  • Dream pet: Red Panda in perpetual snow

Parag Gajarawala –Treasurer


  • Day Job:  Supply Chain Associate at Delta Air Lines
  • Rained out Hang out: The closest Mexican joint
  • Ice cream: Cookie Dough all the way!
  • Throw to master: Let me know once someone invents a new throw
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: Don’t actually suck at goalty
  • Dream pet:  Dragon, duh


Mark Poole – Ultimate Director

  • Day Job: Teaching/Research Assistant at GSU
  • Rained out Hang out: Skyzone
  • Ice cream: Homemade cookies and cream
  • Throw to master: ::chuckle::
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: See Jason Simpson
  • Dream pet: Ocelot




Christina Schmidt – Goaltimate Director

  • Day Job: I make lists
  • Rained out Hang out: Funkytown
  • Ice cream: Hazelnut gelato
  • Throw to master: The backhand
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: Get a compliment from Dave Goode
  • Dream pet: A fox crossed with an otter




Pete Holiday – Webmaster

  • Day Job:
  • Rained out Hang out: 
  • Ice cream:
  • Throw to master: 
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: 
  • Dream pet:


Chris Blackburn  – Web Developer


  • Day Job: Web Developer (shocking, I know)
  • Rained out Hang out: Some place with good trivia
  • Ice cream: Breyer’s Black Forest, which unfortunately hasn’t been made in like ten years. (Sort of like an ice cream sandwich with cherries and cherry sauce.)
  • Throw to master: Left flick
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: Get flown to Canada and put in charge of Observers of Canadian Nationals when you’re 28 years old and have all of two tournaments under your belt. (I retired from Observing shortly thereafter.)
  • Dream pet: Red Panda (perpetual snow optional)



Angela Lin – Social Director


  • Day Job:  Senior Research Engineer at Georgia Tech
  • Rained out Hang out: Bowling then sushi
  • Ice cream: Cherry Garcia
  • Throw to master: Full field lefty backhand
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: dunno, is there such a thing as ‘mastered’?
  • Dream pet: Mini dragon



Kate Wilson – Women’s League


  • Day Job:  Grad student – City and Regional Planning
  • Rained out Hang out: My house to play boardgames
  • Ice cream: Cherry Garcia
  • Throw to master: Righty backhand
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: Have won summer league
  • Dream pet: Unicorn




George Li – Juniors Director

  • Day Job:
  • Rained out Hang out: 
  • Ice cream:
  • Throw to master: 
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: 
  • Dream pet:





Cat Prueitt – Spirit Chair


  • Day Job:  I’m a PhD student at Emory, where I study medieval Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. Most of my days are spent reading Sanskrit and/or getting into heated debates about dead people’s ideas.
  • Rained out Hang out: Tin Lizzy’s and Felini’s are top choices, but I’m good with pretty much anywhere with tasty food and beer.
  • Ice cream: If it still existed, Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Crunch. Since it was unfairly banished from this earth, Graeter’s Salted Caramel. Since that also no longer seems to exist, now, instead of buying a pint to cry into, I just cry when I go try to a buy a pint.
  • Throw to master: A perfectly placed upline flick dump, with touch and after a fully pivoted backhand fake. That, and pretty much any pinpoint short break throw vs. an active mark.
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: Not possible.
  • Dream pet: Unikitty

Kirsten Shell – Women’s Development Committee Chair



  • Day Job: Pharmacist
  • Rained out Hang out: The Midway
  • Ice cream: Chocolate with real peanut butter
  • Throw to master: Flick between the legs
  • You’ve mastered disc sports when you: I’ll always consider myself a student of the game, but I guess I consider it somewhat mastered when I get to teach others when I’ve learned throughout the years.
  • Dream pet: More well behaved versions of my existing cat and dog, Nacho and Pepper.



Executive Committee

  • John Boezi, Chair
  • Amy Salley
  • Mark Poole
  • Parag Gajarawala
  • Christina Schmidt

 Web Committee

  • Pete Holiday Chair
  • Chris Blackburn

         Membership Committee

  • Jason Campbell – Membership Coordinator/PR
  • Jackie Podoll – Draft Coordinator
  • Angela Lin

Fields Committee

  • Romey Connell, Chair

Ultimate Committee

  • Mark Pool, Chair
  • Rich Johnston – Summer league commissioner
  • Mark Poole – Barry Clark, Mark Swanson – Club Terminus
  • Sean Finlay – Spring league
  • Kate Wilson – Women’s league
  • Neel Kotra – Fall league
  • Paul Brett – 12 Days
  • Michelle VanHandel  – College Terimuns TDs. Official email

Goaltimate Committee

  • Christina Schmidt, Chair – Winter Goalty
  • Nick Brown – Spring goalty
  • Holly Symolon – Fall goalty

Juniors Committee

  • George Li, Chair
  • Helen Laseter
  • Kim & Lorenzo Di Francesco
  • Anita Summers
  • Chad Borer
  • Miranda Knowles
  • Brian Mitchell
  • Ellen Powell
  • Traci Switzer

Social Committee

  • Angela Lin, Chair
  • Jason Simpson, Director of funk

AFDC Grants Committee

  • Robyn Turner, Chair
  • George Li
  • Brad Schweers
  • Michelle VanHandel

Elections Committee

  • Marcus Wilson, Chair
  • Julia Fisher
  • David Leedle
  • Amy Salley
  • Mark Swanson

Women’s Development Committee

  • Kirsten Shell, Chair
  • Kate Wilson
  • Miranda Wilson
  • Celine Sledge
  • Tara Mostowy
  • Sam Stovall
  • Rick Wyatt

Organizational chart

For general queries email. For website issues email.

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