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Tax-deductible donations can be made to the AFDC in a number of ways. You may send us a check or you may transfer funds using Paypal. Contributions of any size are welcome.

To make a donation using Paypal please click the link below. You may keep your paypal receipt email as proof of the donation.

To make a donation by check please contact our treasurer:

Paraj Gajarawala:

If you would like a letter documenting your donation please contact Parag Gajarawala.

The Atlanta Flying Disc Club launched AFDC Grants in 2012; establishing a scholarship program for youth players and a charitable giving outlet (and good reason to get Fancy every December!) for our community. Our goal is to provide the financial means for the next generation of ultimate players to improve their skills, influence their peers, recruit more girls, and share the Spirit of the Game that we love. We’ve made a huge impact during our first few years, and we need your support to continue building up young players in need across Georgia.

Remember when you started playing? It was tough getting traction in middle school, high school or college. You might have gotten stomped more times than you wish to remember. But traveling to tournaments and playing against real competition brought the game to life. And you fell in love. Or maybe you didn’t have the access or means to play Ultimate in your youth (think of the character building you could have done!). Either way, you’re still playing today and now you can share this amazing sport and opportunity with the youth around you.

Funds donated to AFDC Grants will go directly towards the costs for young Georgia ultimate players to participate in skills and fitness camps, leagues, tournaments, and YCC teams. These experiences will help them become better, stronger players and pass on their growing knowledge to others. Recipients will be selected according to several criteria including financial need, leadership, community service, athletic talent or potential, and passion for the sport. We continue exploring additional ways to support the Georgia ultimate youth community and to involve adult community members, so, in addition to your donations, feel free to share your ideas!

Will you consider making a tax-deductible donation to AFDC Grants this year?

Your support—however large or small—can have a huge impact on young players who lack the financial resources to travel, improve, and grow the sport among their peers. 20 bucks might be nothing to most of us, but it would make a huge difference to a 16-year old trying to go to her first tournament.

The Spirit of the Game is why we all run around on weeknights and weekends chasing a spinning piece of plastic. Can you help us pass this gift along to a new generation?

Thank you,

AFDC Grants team & the AFDC Board of Directors.

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