Fall Juniors High School League

“AFDC Fall Juniors League is a great way to meet new Ultimate players in the area. It’s an excellent way to keep your skills up and be ready for the High School season in the spring. Last season, I had a fantastic time and got a lot out of it. I would recommend it to everyone – it’s a lot of fun. See you there!” – Player from Fall 2015

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Update [9/25/2017] Fall High School League 2017 opened Sept. 10 and runs thru October 29, with possible showcase games on Nov. 5. Most play takes place at Candler Park. 69 players registered, 30 9th and 10th graders, and 39 11th and 12th graders.  Players attend a variety of schools, including Paideia, Decatur, Grady, Druid Hills, Lakeside, Kennesaw Mountain, Chamblee, Chattahoochee, Douglas County, Maynard Holbrook Jackson, North Cobb, North Springs, and Woodward. Twenty–one of the participants have represented AFDC on the U20 and U17 Youth Club Championships teams.

 Each week begins with a brief warmup and 1-2 quick drills. Most of the time is spent playing games. The teams change each week based on attendance.

Financial Aid Available.
For info contact AFDC Fall HS League Coordinator


ALWAYS bring a dark shirt, a white shirt, & a water bottle to Fall League. (Neither gray nor beige are white.) Cleats are optional, but most players wear them.  Always clean up after yourselves.


I already play soccer/water-polo/volleyball & can’t make most
days; should I not register?
Go ahead & sign-up. You do NOT have to make every single day.

My school doesn’t have enough players for a team. Can I still
  Yes, you register as anmarie individual for this league, and we’ll assign you to a team each week.

My child has never played before, will this league be too
Kids with all levels of experience will participate. There will be some break-out opportunities for new players to learn, but you should familiarize yourself with Ultimate’s rules & practice some throws & catches before league play commences.

More questions?? Contact AFDC Fall HS League Coordinator

Images courtesy Rob Brownell, Terry Nelson, & Christina Schmidt



Photo by Christina Schmidt

Photo by Christina Schmidt

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