Summer League

2019 Summer League Dates

  • April 10th – Women’s registration opens
  • April 25th – Core deadline
  • May 1st – Men’s registration opens @ noon
  • May 7th – Registration closes
  • ~May 17th – Captains party
  • ~May 23 – Draft
  • May 28th – First game
  • June 29/30 – Mid Season Tournament (MST)
  • August 3/4 – End of Season Tournament (EoST)

Regular season will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 28th through August 1st. Weeknight games will likely be at in-town fields, but have not been finalized yet. Weekend tournaments will be at the Georgia Sports Park

Registration is $110 for the full season. Women that register early receive discounted rates: $99 by April 16 or $105 by April 23, so sign up early!

2019 Core Details:

  • Maximum of 12 people on a core
    • If you don’t have 12, let us know and we’ll help you fill the empty spots.
  • Minimum of 5 women on a core
  • Total core rank limit is 55
  • Core rank limit for your top 3 women + top 4 men is 40

To calculate your core rank: use the 0-9 scale we always use and just add up the ranks of all of your players. If in doubt, use the GRank value for your players. In cases where GRank is comically wrong, submit your best estimate and a reason why and we’ll discuss it during core reviews.

Every person on your core has to know they are on your core. Talk to them. Send them an email, phone call, telegram, whatever you want to do. You cannot randomly core someone because he or she might have agreed to be on a different core.  

If you have any questions or need assistance filling your core, please contact us ( Help us help you!


Summer League is AFDC’s biggest league! It typically runs from late May to early August with games during the week and two weekend tournaments at the half-way point and end.

The game format is “mixed” (coed) 4/3 – meaning 4 men & 3 women are on the field at a time. All skill levels are welcome.

Registration typically fills up quickly, so know dates for registration and get on it early! We are always recruiting more women and beginners to play so sign up with a friend.

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