2017 Tournament Info

We hope everyone is as pumped as we are that Luminous 2017 is finally this weekend! We’re so excited that Spin Ultimate will be at the fields selling sweet Luminous gear (SATURDAY ONLY) and we cannot wait for y’all to experience the Rookie Olympics!

The format of the tournament is as follows: Saturday will have 90 minute rounds with soft cap at 70 min and hard cap at 80 min, games to 13, with one time out plus a floater. Sunday will have 2 hour rounds with soft cap at 95 min and hard cap at 110 min, games to 15, again with one timeout plus a floater.

Current seeding is as follows:

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Harvard
  3. Northeastern
  4. Kennesaw State
  5. Cornell
  6. Tennessee
  7. Georgia Tech*
  8. Vanderbilt
  9. Tulane
  10. Alabama
  11. South Carolina
  12. Emory
  13. Mississippi
  14. UT-Chattanooga
  15. Miami
  16. North Georgia
*Please note that Georgia Tech has expressed that they will not be playing at full ability due to team circumstances, hence their lower than expected placement in the seed.

With all this excitement comes, of course, some responsibility. We need all teams to make sure that they have paid tournament fees and are registered for USAU in order to participate this weekend. Please have this done ASAP!! We will be sending out another email on Thursday with tournament contact information, score reporting information, etc. Keep your eyes peeled!

We can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

Luminous Planning Committee

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