Spring High School League

AFDC Spring High School (School-Based) League 2018

[Last updated 1/02/2018]: AFDC will continue to host this school based league in 2018. If you are interested in participating please complete the following steps linked below:


For more information please feel free to contact the HS League Play Coordinator.

Through this USAU-sanctioned league, your school-based team (Girls JV/Varsity and Open JV/Varsity) can compete with other area schools in weekday games, one-day “round-robins”, as well as 2-day weekend tournaments.

The 2018 season will begin in February 2018. There is a preseason meeting for coaches/team parents taking place January 20th from 9:30am-12:30pm at the Durand Mill Clubhouse (1880 Grist Stone Court NE, Atlanta, GA  30307); if you are a team administrator and have not heard about the event please contact HS League Play Coordinator.

This year the State Tournament will be held match play style meaning qualified teams will be seeded and will play elimination games throughout the final two weeks of the season at the end of April (as opposed to singular EoS tournament). Teams must play 6 sanctioned games throughout the regular season to qualify for the State Tournament.


  • School teams join the league on an annual basis.
  • Schools roster their teams through USAU. It doesn’t matter if your school officially recognizes your team or not.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • All games, events, and round robins are USAU-sanctioned & are played under USAU sanctioning guidelines.
  • AFDC hosts 2 round robins in the spring. This means AFDC reserves the fields (or helps you reserve fields), but participating teams share the field rental expenses. Last year, average per day field fees averaged less than $50 per team.
  • Participating schools may host individual league games as well. Schools must compete in 6 sanctioned games to qualify for the HS State Tournament which will be held in match play format this year (as opposed to one EoS tournament).

The Negatives:

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATeams have to meet additional USAU requirements for sanctioned events. Ex. You must have a USAU chaperone for your team at all AFDC league events, and you will have some paper to push.
  • League participants (coaches, team reps) *have* to share responsibility for league oversight.

The Positives:

  • Teams can qualify to compete in the HS State Championships.
  • Teams can play outside of the league. However, these “outside” games will not be covered by league guidelines or insurance.
  • Teams can tell their ADs that their teams are joining a league sanctioned by a national organization, which is a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) .
  • Players receive USAU supplemental medical insurance coverage. (Read the USAU small print.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Volunteers (non-staff coaches, parent organizers, AFDC volunteers, you, etc) are covered by USAU liability waiver & insurance.
  • With league approval, teams can use the league provided insurance certificate to rent game fields as a not-for-profit entity.
  • Teams will have an easier time registering for High School Terminus since it will be USAU-sanctioned this year. Ditto for States & Regionals & possibly other regional tournaments.
  • New teams have a locally hosted source for finding information.
  • League participants get additional perks through USAU and AFDC (ex. discounted discs, sponsor/partner discounts, special events)
  • Easier registration for AFDC events for individual players (Fall Juniors league, 12DaysJr, Spring Middle School league, AFDC YCC).
  • Special consideration for “solo enthusiasts” – students who don’t have enough players at their own school to form a team. Requests can be made to join a nearby team; they will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Opportunities for student community service hours.
  • By registering with USAU and competing in the HS State Tournament team members are automatically qualified to tryout for the YCC teams that travel in the summer.
  • League participants (coaches, team reps) *get* to share responsibility for league oversight.



There are no league fees planned at this time. If you are willing to help run the individual events, you can benefit from the league discounts.  Most importantly – MORE PLAYING OPPORTUNITIES!!



Q: How much is this league going to cost my players?

Answer: You will pay your share of the field expenses and the registration fees charged by USAU (~$35 per player competing in State Championship; ~$16 per player on teams not competing in State Championship), that’s all. There may be additional expenses (uniforms, tournament entry fees, field food, etc.) but those are not necessarily required and will vary based on school.

Q: What do you mean that we have to share “league oversight”?

Answer: As league participants, the individual team adults have to share in the tasks of running the weekday games. Those tasks include developing the event terminus 4schedules, ensuring all of your team is properly rostered, ensuring that the games start & complete on time, and designating one adult at each event to serve as our medical personnel.

Q: What registration is required of me as a coach?

Answer:  Previously, USAU only required coaches to pass a background check to be a sanctioned coach. USAU is instituting three new mandates this year for any coach who wants their team to participate in the State Championship.

-CDC’s Head’s Up program linked here. The course is free and takes about an hour after which point you can print/download a certificate of completion.

-SafeSport Course (90 minutes, needs to be completed once): This program is free until January 15th and then their program will begin charging for the course. The price has not yet been set…not an answer we at AFDC Juniors like but it’s the one we’re getting. Estimated future cost is $20-$25.

– USAU Coach’s Training (45 minutes, need to be completed once): Free. It consists of watching 4 YouTube videos and then taking a test on the material. Accessed via page linked below.

The easiest way to access all this info and to check in on requirements is to login to your USA account and then get to this page (you can also click link directly and it will prompt you to login). If you don’t have a USAU account you might as well go ahead and create one now because you’ll need it to be a coach. There is no timeline on getting this done yet but it’ll have to be before the State Championship and the SafeSport course is only free for another couple weeks. The sooner it all gets done the better.

Q: If I’m coaching a JV team will games against Varsity teams count towards the 6 game eligibility requirement for States?

Answer: No. You must compete against teams from your own division for it to count towards 6 game requirement. You may play teams from other divisions if you’d like but it won’t count towards your games required. If the six game minimum will be a struggle for your team please don’t hesitate to reach out to the league coordinator.

Q: GSP is too far for my players. Can we reserve fields closer to us?

Answer: Yes, you locate the fields, identify the leasing authority, determine the rental fees, & reserve the fields for the league. Participating teams will have the league insurance certificate to use in procuring fields.

Q: Many of my players are new & will not want to pay for full USAU memberships. Is there a discount?

Answer: If a player doesn’t expect to play in any other AFDC/USAU events in 2017, that player can by a single affiliate or affiliate intro membership  to cover all of his league games. Players who only want to play in HS Terminus can pay the affiliate fee to cover Terminus. Youth who want to play in the State Championship & YCC series must have a full USAU membership; a player may upgrade from an affiliate fee to a full membership at any time.

AFDC Juniors is a USAU Affiliate; an affiliate membership would cover membership fees for all AFDC events in the year (ex. HS Fall league, HS Spring League, MS Spring league, 12 Days JUNIOR, YCC Tryouts).

CUS_20140329_172821_JuniorsTerminus0570Q: Some of my classmates & I would like to play and get better, but we don’t have enough players to form a team at our school. Is there anyway that we can participate in the league events?

Answer: Yes, contact us and we will try to combine your group with others in a similar situation. As long as you meet the league requirements as a group, you can participate. However, USAU has taken authority over approving combined teams and will have the final say about whether your proposed group is States eligible.

For further information contact AFDC HS League Coordinator

Terminus champions pic courtesy of Drew Graham. Brookwood pic courtesy of Christina Schmidt.

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