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2015 Fall Goalty

Fall Goalty will be played on Mondays/Wednesdays starting August 31st. EOS will be held November 1st. Regular season games will be played at Coan Rec. EOS location is TBD. More »

2015 Spring Goalty

All the current details for Spring Goalty, coming in March 2015. Games will be played under the lights on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm. Most games will be at Central Park. EOS will be held Sunday May 3rd at Walker Park. More »

Fall EoS

These last two weekends concluded the end of the fall season for both goaltimate and ultimate. Here’s a recap of each EoS tournament.

2015 Winter Goalty

All the current details for Winter Goalty, coming in January 2015. Includes tentative times, location, and core rules. More »

2014 Fall Goalty

Sad Summer League is over? Find solace in the comforting embrace of Fall Goalty. Register today! We will be playing Tuesday evenings at Coan Rec (8:00pm) starting September 2nd through November 4th. EOS will be played on November 9th. Read on for more information. More »

Spring 2014 Goalty EoS

The spring end of season tournaments this year were pretty dang awesome. There were great people playing good ultimate and goaltimate in weather that could not have been any more beautiful. Our hats off to you commissioners and weather machine … More »

7on7 Christina Schmidt

Christina Schmidt hearts goaltimate! When she’s not seeking out magical leopluradons so she can find her way to Candy Mountain, she’s busy taking awesome ultimate photos and bringing a fun filled season of goaltimate near you.

2014 Spring Goalty

All the important details for Spring Goalty coming in March 2014. More »

2014 Winter Goalty

All the important details for Winter Goalty coming in January 2014. Including tentative times, location, cost, and core rules. More »

2013 Fall Goalty

We will be playing Wednesday evenings at Central Park (8:30pm) and Coan Rec (8:00pm) starting September 11th through November 6th. EOS will be played at Walker Park on November 10th. Sign ups start August 26 at noon. Registration is $40. More »