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Coed SL Call for Captains


The call for captains is up on the forum. Post there or email Rich (henry dot johnston+SL at gmail) to get your core on the list! Tell me your captains’ names and your team name. Forum link here: Details: Be … More »

Coed SL Registration Details


Just like last year, women will have tiered registration in an attempt to encourage early registration and help us ensure that there are enough women for the league. Ladies, you are very important. Sign up! Early registration starts soon!   … More »

Coed Summer League Core Info


      Things that are the same: – 16 people on cores. If you’re struggling to get to 16, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with free agents. 10 men and 6 women – no option … More »

Coed Summer League 2015 Details


Woo, SL2015! Last year was a great success amid lots of change. 2015 is lined up to be even better, even as I ruin your summer again.   What’s staying the same: We’re still going to play 4/3 1 Female … More »

Summer League 2015 Dates


Alright disc fans, here’s your first taste of Summer League.

What is Spirit?

Juniors Terminus2

It’s Spring League time, and Spirit Circles are here! Spirit Circles promote the growth of the Spirit of the Game by giving each team a chance to reflect on their match. But what is Spirit of the Game? It might not … More »

2015 Spring Goalty


All the current details for Spring Goalty, coming in March 2015. Games will be played under the lights on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm. Most games will be at Central Park. EOS will be held Sunday May 3rd at Walker Park. More »

Sunday Night Lights 2015!


Do you have what it takes to compete in AFDC’s most competitive league? Aileen Thomas, the new Sunday Night Lights commissioner, has given us the details to what should be another hard fought SNL season. Updates will be in RED.

Spring League 2015!

Spring League 14 Champs

Aahhh. The first ultimate league of the year is quickly approaching. I don’t know about you all, but I’m already excited to shed my winter coats and start playing good ole 7on7 in some warmer weather. Sean Finlay has given … More »

2015 Winter Goalty


All the current details for Winter Goalty, coming in January 2015. Includes tentative times, location, and core rules. More »