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Summer League Spirit Rankings Details


It’s time! As part of the AFDC’s ongoing commitment to fostering SotG, we’re starting a full Spirit Ranking system (including Spirit Awards!) for regular season, MST, and EOST.

Men’s Summer League 2015


The AFDC is excited to announce a partnership with Atlanta Sport and Social Club to offer Men’s League this Summer! Instead of working separately and competing for scarce field space, this partnership will allow us to focus on creating a better … More »

2015 Summer League Details


Here are all the details you need to know for 2015 Coed Summer League in one easy blog post!

Coed SL Call for Captains


The call for captains is up on the forum. Post there or email Rich (henry dot johnston+SL at gmail) to get your core on the list! Tell me your captains’ names and your team name. Forum link here: Details: Be … More »

Coed SL Registration Details


Just like last year, women will have tiered registration in an attempt to encourage early registration and help us ensure that there are enough women for the league. Ladies, you are very important. Sign up! Early registration starts soon!   … More »

Coed Summer League Core Info


      Things that are the same: – 16 people on cores. If you’re struggling to get to 16, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with free agents. 10 men and 6 women – no option … More »

Coed Summer League 2015 Details


Woo, SL2015! Last year was a great success amid lots of change. 2015 is lined up to be even better, even as I ruin your summer again.   What’s staying the same: We’re still going to play 4/3 1 Female … More »

Summer League 2015 Dates


Alright disc fans, here’s your first taste of Summer League.

Spirit Chair


We are happy to announce the creation of a new Spirit Chair position on the Board of Directors! As our first Spirit Chair, the ever exuberant Cat Prueitt will work to promote a deeper understanding and more robust employment of … More »

Summer Survey 2014


Do you have something to say about Summer League? Help us make Summer League better next year by filling out this survey!