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Summer League Registration Details!

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Women will have tiered registration in an attempt to encourage early registration and help us ensure that there are enough women for the league to function properly. Ladies, you are very important. Sign up! Early registration starts in a week! … More »

SL2014 Call for Captains

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The call for captains is up on the forum. Post there or email Rich (henry dot johnston+SL at gmail) to get your core on the list!

Summer League Core Rules

Summer League 14 core info: – 16 people on cores. If you’re struggling to get to 16, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with free agents. 10 men and 6 women – you’ll need a very good … More »

Summer League 2014 Details


Get excited! Summer league is just a mere 11 weeks away! There’s a lot of change happening this year and summer league is no exception. Read below for all the titillating details from our new summer league commissioner, Rich Johnston.

Summer League 2014 Dates


Location Survey Results


We asked you about your commute to summer league. Here is what you had to say.

AFDC Member Location Survey


When the AFDC looks at the fields we will play on in the coming years, the time it takes to get to those fields remains one of our most pressing concerns. To that end, we’d like to know more about where … More »

2013 Summer Survey: Member Responses


As part of our summer survey, we asked you what you thought about women’s issues and the league in general.  Following this introduction, you’ll see the complete text responses from members. We have removed anything identifying an individual and joke/spam comments. … More »

2013 Summer Survey Results


At the start of this summer we ran a survey of our membership. Our focus was on the role and experience of women in our leagues. We also asked what you thought about captaining, parity, league cost, and fun. The results … More »

2013 SL EoS Wrap up

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