Cobb League

2019 Cobb Summer League:

Congrats to the 2019 winners & runners up!

  • May 8th – registration opens
  • May 18th – registration closes
  • Games: Mondays @ 7:00
  • Regular season: 6/3 – 8/5
  • End of Season (EOS) tournament: 8/10 (Saturday)

Players sign up individually or as pairs and will be grouped onto teams by the league commissioner to balance teams taking into account any player preferences (add comments & player pairs in the registration form).

Registration is $40 for men and $35 for women. This includes 8 nights of play (we’ve scheduled 10 and assume some rain outs will happen), one-day end of season tournament, a colored team jersey & a disc!

Weeknight games and end of season tournament will be at Terrell Mill Park (turf field & softball fields as needed). We may expand to Bishop Park if we need additional space. Schedules will be communicated to players in advance so they know where to go if this happens.

For players located north of Atlanta, we’ve partnered with Cobb County to again offer a Monday Night “Parks & Rec” League that will be easier to get to than our in-town Summer League on week nights. This is our second year with this league – thanks for the great feedback! We’re looking into offering this league at additional times throughout the year like in the Fall and Spring, so stay tuned for more opportunities to play in the future.

For our Cobb leagues, all skill levels are welcome! We are always recruiting more beginners and women, so sign up with a friend today. Players come from a wide array of skills and ages (must be over 18).

All games are co-ed. The game format will ideally be 4/3 – meaning 4 men & 3 women are on the field at a time – but we may adjust to 5/2 based on sign-ups. Men’s registration limits will update as women’s spots are filled.

What to bring:

  • Team jersey (included in league fees)
  • Light / dark jersey until team jerseys are delivered (should be week 1!)
  • Cleats
  • Water

Our Cobb League will have a one-day end of season tournament separate from our in-town Summer League. We are looking into offering spots in our in-town Summer League tournaments to Cobb League teams if interested. Invitations to in-town Summer League social events may also be extended to Cobb League participants (at additional cost). We’re  coordinating all the details with our other league commissioners now and will poll captains for team interest levels.


Captains are the MVPs of AFDC leagues and make the summer fun & exciting for players on their team. Captains are encourages to coach new players and welcome them to the sport. We’ve put together a resource guide specifically for captains!

Interested in captaining? Contact for more information.


Players register through our leagues page where they create a player profile & submit their skill rank to help balance teams. Additional comments can be added to identify a pair (both players must be registered) or add feedback on team preference (more educational, social, etc.). T-shirt sizes will also be asked during registration.


AFDC is a non-profit organization and league fees are used to pay for field costs, social events & general overhead to support our organization & community outreach efforts. Our refund policy provides guidelines for when refunds will be granted. We do not offer refunds for rain outs, but leagues usually include additional games assuming some will occur.


Rain and bad weather unfortunately happen, but we do our best to play when field facilities allow and conditions are safe. However, some games may still be cancelled. Notice of a rain out will usually be communicated by the league commissioner to captains and then on to players if conditions are known in advance. At all times, captains and players should abide by our weather policy. Do not play if conditions are unsafe!

For more information or questions, please email


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