Youth Club Championships (YCC)

image1YCC 2017 Update [03/03/2017]: YCC Championships will take place August 5-6 in Blaine, MN. USAU has updated its list of requirements and regulations for YCC participation. Key changes are highlighted below:

  1. The age divisions will change from U16/19 to U17/20. Participants may not turn 17 or 20 in the year of YCC participation.
  2. No college players will be allowed to compete at YCC. Unless you competed in 2016 then let us know and we will look into filing for an exception.
  3. All participants wishing to compete in YCC must have also competed in a USAU sanctioned HS Championship (the AFDC Spring HS State Championship is a qualifying event). If you did not meet this requirement please let us know and we will work with you to file for an exception with USAU.

If you are interested please click here to signup! 2017 tryout dates are set for March 19th (AM), April 9th (PM), and May 6th (AM). Field Locations are TBD.

We are exploring all our options in terms of our continued partnership with USAU. For now, we will continue to compete at YCC and will abide by USAU guidelines. The YCC program will continue very similarly to previous years: there will be an open tryout process followed by team selection from our YCC Committee.

If you have any  questions regarding YCC, please contact Courtney Farrell at


YCC 2016

YCC is a national youth club tournament held in Blaine, MN in early August.  Top youth players who excel in both skill and spirit have an opportunity to represent Atlanta and compete with other top youth teams around the country.  AFDC has four YCC teams:

U-19 Open
U-19 Girls
U-19 Mixed
U-16 Open

image2 image4

2016 Atlanta YCC Teams

U19 Boys
Stan Birdsong
Jay Burnett
Krishan Chib
Aaron Claytor
Noah Cohen
Drew DiFrancesco
Kaleb Frames
Noah Hammond
Brandon Kleber
Henry Laseter
Bryson Levisay
Noah Li
Zo Lightfoot
Evan Mapes
John Roorbach
Alex Shrader
Houston Shrader
Theodore Sifnaios
Luke Smith
Coleman Tappero
Travis Terrell

U19 Girls
Quincy Booth
Jenny Choi
Melissa Drake
Liliana Chanler
Emma Jones
Katherine Jordak
Sarah Jordak
Vivian Le
Parker Lunsford
La’Shaundranique Marshall
Maggie Miller
Tosin Ogunyale
Bess Renjilian
Kaya Roland
Georgia Smith
Angelica Wagner
Steffie Walker
Vlada Watkins
Rebecca Xiong

U19 Mixed
Eunice Choi
Emma DeJarnette
Eavan Hendry
Park Li
Kimberly McGinnis
Mirenli Negron
Sydney Partlow
Katie Powell
Marie Pervier
Mazie Switzer
Hayden Austin-Knab
Jack Cohen
Jacob Dangler
Jacob Dillard
Madison Head
Mack Hodges
Brandon Li
Vinny Nguyen
Kiran Potula
Tyler Russell
Matthew Shu
Johnny Sims
Sam Smith
Wyatt Thompson
Govindan Veliyath

U16 Boys
Harrison Briggs
John Bruce
Justin Burnett
David Chalmers
Matthew Dacey-Koo
Ben Dameron
Aidan Downey
Isaac Huntington
Wyatt Maher
Jaden Medley-Fowlkes
Adam Miller
Robert Mobley
Miles Pearlstein
Jack Persons
Jake Powell
Sulaiman Rashid
Carter Rathur
Kendel Ridley
Benton Shevlin
Julian Shrader
Gabe Wright

Congratulations to all of the above players!


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