Atlanta Women’s Ultimate

Atlanta Women’s Ultimate, or AWU, was founded in 2014 to promote women’s ultimate and playing opportunities for women athletes within the Atlanta community. AWU is a community for female players of all ages to come together and share ideas, express their voice, and volunteer to increase and improve playing experiences for women.

A list of reoccurring annual events is below, but new programs and opportunities are happening every day! Previous AWU events and outreach efforts include: leading gender equity discussions, sponsoring female players, and partnering with Atlanta Soul, Atlanta’s first professional womxn’s team, to increase visibility of women in ultimate. In addition to participating in AWU-sponsored events, members currently play with, captain, and coach numerous ultimate teams across Atlanta, from youth to college, adult, and professional levels. As leaders in the community, AWU members are role models for Spirit of the Game, inclusion, and gender equitable values.

AWU Chair, Evelina Pierce, leads a committee of dedicated volunteers to organize these efforts across the community.

If you’re interested in joining the conversation, participating in an event or fundraiser, or volunteering, contact us at to be added to our volunteer email group. We’re always looking for more committee volunteers, so let us know if you’d be interested in a leadership role as well!

AWU Club Kickoff :: April

To kick-start the club season and mingle with other women players trying out for various Atlanta teams, the AWU Club Kickoff is a fun & competitive half day of ultimate. Players sign up individually and are assigned pods for the day. Different pods join up each round to form teams and scrimmage one another so there’s lots of opportunities to play with and against new players!

For more information, look for announcements coming out around March / April each year. You don’t have to be trying out for a club team to participate, anyone over 18 is welcome. 

AWU Townhall :: Spring

The AWU Townhall is a forum to update the community on the state of women’s ultimate and women playing ultimate around Atlanta as well as listen to community feedback on the same. The discuss is an open-invite to anyone interested in taking part in the conversation and we encourage male players to attend as well. Often, new ideas for programs, awareness campaigns, or fundraising come out of these community discussion. Over the years, topics have included:

  • MS & HS women’s team growth & development
  • Program calendars
  • YCC team support
  • Scholarships for women players
  • Recognition of club team success
  • Increased visibility of female players
  • Gender equity in professional ultimate
  • Male support

AFDC Women’s League :: Nov-Dec

While most AFDC leagues are co-ed, Women’s League in the winter is for women players ONLY. Whether you’re new to ultimate and want to learn the basics or are a veteran player hoping to influence the next generation of women players, this league is for you!

For more information, look for announcements coming out around October each year or contact the Women’s League Commissioner, Evelina Pierce for more information.


Did you know? Community efforts led by Kristen Shell, were the original foundation of AWU, which later merged with the AFDC to join forces!



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