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2023 Fall League Registration is LIVE!!

        The registration for Fall League is officially open! Join us this spooky season for a FANTASTIC league!! Register HERE! Pairing with a friend? Once both of you have registered, go to the player list, find your … More »

Summer League EOS Champions!

Yay, Summer League! More »

Heckling vs Taunting

With Spring League EOS and the Hustle’s home opener rapidly approaching, it’s time to polish our wit and prepare our best heckling game! But when does heckling cross the line from delightful bonding to destructive taunting?

Fall EoS

These last two weekends concluded the end of the fall season for both goaltimate and ultimate. Here’s a recap of each EoS tournament.

Spring 2014 Goalty EoS

The spring end of season tournaments this year were pretty dang awesome. There were great people playing good ultimate and goaltimate in weather that could not have been any more beautiful. Our hats off to you commissioners and weather machine … More »

2013 SL EoS Wrap up

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2013 Winter Goalty EOST Results

Purple Cobras defeat TNT for the Winter Goalty 2013 Crown More »

2012 Fall Goalty EOST results

Congrats to the Bitches for their EOST championship over the previously undefeated Peach Pit.

2012 SL End of Season

Photo by the lovely Christina Schmidt

Updated with tournament information

Commissioner’s Cup

End of season championships make AFDC legends. An event so glorious was incomplete without a trophy. No longer!