Ultimate Programs & Leagues

The Atlanta Flying Disc Club hosts leagues and tournaments for various skill levels throughout the year.

Join the fun every season!


Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports in the country! It’s a non-contact disc sport that combines the speed of soccer with the throwing & passing of football & basketball. Games are played on a field about the size of a football field and only require a disc and pair of cleats to play.

AFDC adult ultimate leagues & tournaments are great opportunities to practice your newly formed or expertly honed ultimate skills, play at varying levels of competition, socialize with friends during the week or weekends, or take part in the ultimate community we love.

As a volunteer-run organization dedicated to the education & growth of ultimate, AFDC offers many affordable opportunities to learn & play ultimate across Atlanta throughout the year at many different skill-levels. New players are always welcome and encouraged to give ultimate a try! For those ready for the next level (either as a player or spectator), there are many USA Ultimate tournaments spread across the county available to chose from, many locally, right her in Atlanta.


Pickup is a great way to get started playing ultimate and make friends that will help you learn the game. Various parks around Atlanta & north Atlanta often have regular, informal pickup games of ultimate open to anyone. Read more about what pickup games are usually available here.


AFDC adult leagues are the next step up in terms of structure. Our leagues follow different formats, so we’ve put together a comparison below to help you decide which is best for you – or just sign up for them all!

Leagues are hosted each season and open for registration up to two months before the league starts.

Spring League :: March – May

  • Format: Mixed (co-ed) with 5 men/2 women
  • Teams: Fully drafted by team captains
  • Games: Two per week (typically Saturday mornings or afternoons)
  • Competition level: Low-medium
  • Special feature: Great for beginners, the league focuses on new player development & inclusion. We also try to do a mid-season hat.


Summer League :: June – August

  • Format: Mixed (co-ed) with 4 men/3 women
  • Teams: Formed from cores with remaining players drafted by captains 
  • Games: Two games, two nights per week (typically Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Competition level: Medium-high 
  • Special feature: The league includes two, two-day tournaments: one at mid-season and one at end-of-season for additional competition 

Fall League :: September – November

  • Format: Mixed (co-ed) with 5 men/2 women
  • Teams: Fully drafted by team captains
  • Games: Two games per week (typically Saturday mornings or afternoons)
  • Competition level: Medium
  • Special feature: As an all-draft league, this is a great chance to play with new people and make new friends

Women’s League : November – December

  • Format: A women’s only league
  • Teams: Fully drafted by team captains (2 women)  
  • Games: Two games per week (typically on Sunday afternoons)
  • Competition level: Low-Medium
  • Special feature: Learn to play clinics are usually offered some weeks before games


Player registration will be announced prior to each league on our website, so check back for more information and to sign-up. Registration is managed through a separate leagues site where players are asked to create a profile to enter their experience level, attendance, and other details to ensure they are appropriately drafted onto a team.

Interested in becoming a team captain? We’re always looking for new volunteers ready to captain and teach others while encouraging fun, safe play. We have a resource guide to support you. Contact league organizers to let them know you’re interested!


Ultimate tournaments are another way to play with less commitment than a league – they only require one weekend of attendance. Additionally, each AFDC league usually has an end of season tournament included after league play ends to conclude the season.

Players sign up individually for hat tournaments and teams are fully drafted by the tournament organizer (like picking names out of a hat!). These are usually more lighthearted & social, and another way to practice new skills and play with new teammates. True to AFDC tradition, players are required to wear a hat while playing as well (the goofier the better)…

Team tournaments hosted by AFDC are currently for USA Ultimate sanctioned college or club teams from across the southeast or country to participate. These tournaments showcase higher-level competition and are also great for spectators supporting local teams and friends. Consider volunteering to help at one of these events if you are not participating!

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