First off – thank you for being a captain! It’s the front line of volunteering in the AFDC and one of the best ways to give back to the ultimate community.

As a captain, you can have an immense, positive impact on your team’s experience. New players often recount the great time they had with their first team or how much they learned from their first captain. Many players credit captains as having hooked them on the sport or shaping the way they play the game.

The AFDC would like as many players as possible to share in that memorable experience. We encourage all captains to provide a similar foundation while still applying their own personal style. Below are a list of resources to help you be the best captain you can be! If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your League Commissioner or Tournament Director.

Captain’s Responsibilities

  • Forming a core
  • Drafting a team
  • Creating a team name & ordering jerseys if you’d like
  • Communicating schedules & information to your team
  • Reporting scores
  • Being a champion of Spirit of the Game
  • Encouraging new players
  • Fostering a welcoming environment
  • Ensuring players have fun!

Captains should also familiarize themselves with AFDC policies:


How to be a Great Captain

  • Know the rules and help others learn as well
    • Most ultimate AFDC leagues and tournaments follow USAU’s 2020-2021 rule set.
    • Goaltimate has its own, unique set of rules you can read about here
  • Most of our leagues are co-ed, so set an example to encourage female involvement on the field and in huddles
  • Encourage player to attend social events or get together with your team for food after games
  • Respect and communicate with other captains to diffuse tension or talk about concerns

You have support! Captains are our most-valuable volunteers and commissioners, AFDC Board Members, and even other captains are always willing to lend advice and help solve problems.

** 1/30/2020 UPDATE – Updated link to 2020-21 rule set **

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