1.  All participants in leagues and events must be fully vaccinated or wear masks.  Fully vaccinated means having received all vaccines and boosters currently recommended – as of today, the two-part vaccine plus the booster.  Vaccine cards can be uploaded and reviewed through the registrations site.  Anyone not fully vaccinated must wear a mask while playing and on the sidelines.  Each event may have additional or more restrictive safety measures as determined by their organizers.  

[POLICY UPDATE 4/26/22 – We have updated our organization’s policy to remove the “mask or vax” requirement outlined above.  Program coordinators may adopt health and safety requirements at their discretion.]

2.  Regular COVID committee meetings will be held quarterly to re-assess the state of COVID, public health recommendations, and our policy.  Special COVID meetings may be called by any member of the COVID committee for sudden changes in the state of COVID, to be held within one-week of calling the meeting.

3. Contact-tracing guidelines are in effect.  Please report close COVID contact to your commissioner and captain for the safety of the other players.

Similar to USAU, we are checking vaccine status in event registration.  You can upload a picture of your vaccine card on the registrations website HERE (https://leagues.afdc.com/covid) through the linked google form.

We will remind you if you aren’t in compliance with league rules before the league starts, and you will not be able to play unless we confirm that you’re playing by the rules.  If it helps, consider these rules similar to “dangerous play” or SOTG violations.


  1.  Does this apply to Juniors?  No.  AFDC Juniors is adopting its own policy, similar to this but based on USAU and APS guidelines.  Talk to your coaches about the details.
  2. What if I just received my most recent dose of the vaccine and the booster is not yet recommended, am I “fully vaccinated”?  Yes!  Under CDC guidelines the booster is only recommended after some time has passed since you were vaccinated (two or five months, depending on the vaccine).  You will need to receive the booster when it is recommended and re-submit your card for verification once you reach the time when the booster is recommended.  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/booster-shot.html?s_cid=11737:cdc%20covid%20booster%20shot%20guidelines:sem.ga:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY22
  3. Do I need to verify my vaccine status to be a spectator?  No.  Verification is only for registrations at this time.  You must still abide by this policy and the specific policies of the league if you want to be present at events.


All players must sign a dated waiver either electronically through the registration process or in paper form before playing in any AFDC game. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign for them before playing.

  • Team waiver form
  • Individual/Minor waiver form

Forms may be returned to your captain or commissioner or scanned and emailed to afdcprez@gmail.com


AFDC leagues, tournaments & events take place all across Atlanta. Pets are generally allowed at AFDC events with exceptions and limitations as follows:

  • Pets are only allowed in accordance with the law, local ordinances, and rules & regulations of the venue
  • No dogs classified under OCGA § 4-8-21 as “dangerous” or “vicious”
  • No dogs that have been individually banned

City of Atlanta dog rules vary by field. Be aware of specific field site policies before you arrive.

Georgia Soccer Park does not allow dogs in the park. Please leave your furry friends at home when playing here.

Dogs may be banned without notice or hearing at the discretion of the league commissioners or the Board of Directors. Reasons for banning a dog may include, but are not limited to: acting aggressive towards another dog or person, attacking or injuring another dog or person, behavior that disrupts the event or where the owner disregards reasonable requests by other captains or the commissioner to restrain the dog. The ban over the individual dog is for the duration of the dog’s life unless otherwise stated.

Best practices

  • Clean up after your dog!
  • Dogs should be leashed up away from the field of play or sideline in reach of other players’ bags
  • Dogs should be able to sit quietly while leashed & unattended and display no signs of anxiety while away from its owner or while discs are in the air
  • Dogs should not be aggressive with other dogs or people

We have had to ban dogs from all AFDC events in the past due to owners not abiding by these rules. Please respect these rules for all pet owners in the AFDC!


Be aware of your dog at all times. Any incident of dog aggression is the responsibility of its owner and should be reported by the owner to the league commissioner or event coordinator. Dog owners or players may report any incidents of aggression or repeat violations of this policy to the AFDC at info@afdc.com.


For safety purposes, we do not allow any players to participate in a game barefoot.

AFDC is happy to have a partnership with Georgia Soccer Park and we are committed to helping preserve this great facility. Accordingly, players may be required to wear turf cleats or sneakers during games at this location. If so, this will be communicated to players in advance by league commissioners or event coordinators.

Refund Policy

AFDC is a non-profit organization serving players in the ultimate community by providing  opportunities to play the sport we love and supporting growth & development of ultimate through youth and outreach initiatives. Before asking for a refund, please consider donating your registration fee to support these on-going efforts. 

All refund requests should be sent to the league commissioner or tournament director (found on leagues.afdc.com).

League refunds will be issued per the following policy:

  • Request made prior to close of registration: full refund
  • Request made prior to the league draft: full refund, minus a $3 transaction fee
  • Requests made after the league draft: no refund will be issued except in the case of injury
    • Injury requests made after start of league will be prorated in accordance with the number of weeks that have occurred at the time of the request, not the time of the injury. (Ex: Summer League length is 10 weeks; refund is requested after completion of week 4; player will be refunded 60% of league registration fee.)
    • Written injury confirmation by a medical professional may be requested by the AFDC and would be required in order to receive a refund.

Tournament refunds will be issued per the following policy (only applicable to tournaments or events with individual registrations, e.g. 12 Days):

  • Request made prior to close of registration: full refund
  • Request made prior to start of tournament: full refund, minus $3 transaction fee, provided a replacement player can be found (at the discretion of the league commissioner or tournament director)
  • Request made after start of tournament: no refund will be issued

Additional policies:

  • Any requests beyond those listed above should also be sent to the league commissioner to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. No refund is guaranteed except in those circumstances listed above.
  • Refunds will be issued via the method utilized for payment if possible. If not possible, reimbursements will be issued through PayPal. Requester must provide viable email address for PayPal reimbursement. Refunds will not be issued in any other formats (i.e. cash, Venmo, personal check, etc).
  • Refund requests to commissioners should include:
    • Name (as used in AFDC registration)
    • Name used for league payment via PayPal or credit card (if different from above)
    • League or tournament for which refund is requested
    • Email address to direct PayPal refund

Any additional questions regarding refunds may be directed to treasurer@afdc.com.

Property Damage / Loss

The AFDC is not responsible for vehicle damages, break-ins, or theft of personal belongings from vehicles or sidelines. Please take precautions when considering your valuables in both your vehicle and in your sideline bag and equipment.

Pictures / Video

We LOVE to take pictures!  By participating and attending our events you may have your picture taken and we may use it in promotion.  If we see any of your pictures from our events that we really like, we might just use them too!  If you see a picture of yourself that you don’t like, please let us know and we’ll be happy to take it down.


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