Summer League Core Requirements

A list of core players (meeting the below requirements) are submitted by Summer League captains to form a team. Cores help establish how many teams the league will have and are needed prior to open registration so we know how many spots the league will have. Cored players must register early to lock in their spot. Remaining team spots will be filled by drafting players from the open registration pool.

Cores must meet the following criteria for 2019 Summer League:

  • Maximum of 12 people on a core
    • If you don’t have 12, let us know and we’ll help you fill the empty spots.
  • Minimum of 5 women on a core
  • Total core rank limit is 55
  • Core rank limit for your top 3 women + top 4 men is 40

Core ranks are the sum of individual player ranks. To calculate a player’s rank, AFDC uses a 0-9 scale, which you can read more about here. Every player on a core must know and agree to be on that core.

Captains should submit cores with best estimates for player ranks & rationale as needed. Cores will be reviewed by league commissioners and player ranks will be adjusted if needed. Penalties in the form of lowered draft order may be assessed for cores failing to meet these requirements.

If you have any questions or need assistance filling your core, please contact us ( Help us help you!

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