Spring HS League Teams

      Here are rostering directions and other league participation requirements for team managers/coaches/captains. There’s lots of information here, but don’t freak out. If you have questions about the USAU items, you can contact Kristen Gallagher (kristen@hq.usaultimate.org)

Do this ASAP!

  • Identify your chaperone(s) for the season now & get them to register ASAP. The background check can take two weeks. See HERE. Chaperone responsibilities are listed HERE. Your coach can serve as your chaperone.
  • Let the AFDC league commissioner know which round robin dates that you wish to attend.

Do this 1-week before your first game or by 2/28/2017 (whichever occurs first):

  1. Tell your players to register @ usau & sign the online waiver. (No need to pay anything yet.)
  2. Login to your usau member account.
  3. Create your team or “Rollover” your team from last year if you had one.*
  4. Add players, chaperone(s) and optionally, coach(es) to the team personnel – the USAU system will send them an email to confirm participation (but sometimes people don’t receive it).
  5. Email the players, chaperone(s) and coach(es) to log into their USAU account and click the “Pending Actions/Notifications” box where they should see the team name and a green “Confirm” button that they can click
  6. Add your team to the afdc event.
  7. Add at least one chaperone to the event roster.
  8. Add all of your players to the event roster.
  9. If your player wants to go ahead & buy a 1-year membership, they can do that now. Pay USAU directly. Skip step #10. Encourage players to pay USAU directly PLEASE.

*Remember, if you need assistance, you can contact Kristen Gallagher (kristen@hq.usaultimate.org) or AFDC league commissioner.

Do this before your first game:

Collect medical authorization forms for all of your team’s players. Keep them in a folder/binder & take these to all games.  USAU Chaperones must have all player med auth forms at all games.  The form can be found at the bottom of the USAU Membership page.

For teams hosting games:
Hosts must maintain a binder containing: USAU Health, Safety, & Liability Requirements

Also, let me know that you are hosting, and I’ll send you an insurance certificate.

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2016 Participating Schools:

Academe of the Oaks (JV)
Atlanta International School (V) **
Ben Franklin Academy (JV)
Brookwood HS (V/JV/Girls) **
Chamblee HS (V)
Decatur HS (V/Girls)
Druid Hills HS (V)**
Duluth HS (JV)
Forsyth Central HS (JV)
Grady HS (V/JV/Girls/JV Girls) **
Greater Atlanta Christian School (JV)
Heritage HS (JV) **
Johnson HS (JV) **
Lakeside HS (JV/V)
Lambert HS (V) **
North Atlanta (JV)
Northview HS (V) **
Paideia (V girls/JV Girls)/JV/V) **
Riverwood HS (JV)
WD Mohammed School (Girls)
Woodward (Girls, V, JV) **
              ** These schools can host single weeknight games during the season.

Round Robin Calendar:

  • Atlanta International School Date:TBA
  • Woodward Academy Date:TBA
  • Paideia Ides of March (aka Love Stinks) Date:TBA
  • Northview HS Anti-Freeze Date:TBA
  • Grady HS Gnarly Date:TBA
  • GSP Round Robin Date:TBA

As each event fills, we’ll distribute schedules with times.

Single Weeknight Games:

Use the League Map below to locate a school/team in your area, use the team contact info to schedule your game/location. After the game, report your results to the league commissioner.

League Map:

For your convenience, this map displays our schools. Select a map pin to get school contact info.


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