Fall League

Fall League is held every fall from March to April with two games each Saturday usually from late morning to early afternoon. Teams are formed from captains drafting teams, so it’s a great way to play with different and make friends.

All skill levels are welcome, but we encourage beginners or players new to AFDC ultimate leagues to start with Fall League. It’s a more casual season and we’ll have some Learn to Play sessions you can attend as well.


Captains are the MVPs of AFDC leagues and make the season fun & exciting for players on their team. Captains are encouraged to coach new players and welcome them to the sport. We’ve put together a resource guide specifically for captains!

Interested in captaining? Contact info@afdc.com for more information.


Players register through our leagues page where they create a player profile & submit their skill rank to help evenly balance teams. Additional comments can be added during registration.


AFDC is a non-profit organization and league fees are used to pay for field costs, social events & our organization’s community outreach efforts & overhead. Our refund policy provides guidelines for when refunds will be granted. We do not offer refunds for rain outs, but leagues usually include additional games assuming some will occur.


Rain and bad weather unfortunately happen, but we do our best to play when field facilities allow and conditions are safe. However, some games may still be cancelled. Notice of a rain out will usually be communicated by the league commissioner to captains and then on to players if conditions are known in advance. At all times, captains and players should abide by our weather policy. Do not play if conditions are unsafe!

For more information or questions, please email info@afdc.com.


2019 Fall League Details

  • Registration closes: Sep 5
  • Regular season: Saturdays, Sep 14 – Nov 2
  • Fields: TBD
  • Rounds: 10:00 – 1:00
  • **New! All-Star Game – Nov 10 (Sun)**
  • EoS: Nov 17 (Sun)
  • League fee: $65


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