Summer League

Current Status: Looking for captains! Email if interested! Registration for the 2022 Summer League opens May 9th (Women) and May 16th (Men) at

Summer League is AFDC’s biggest ultimate league! It typically runs from late May to early August with games two nights a week and two weekend tournaments at mid-season and the end of the season for extra fun & competition.

All skill levels are welcome! We are always recruiting more beginners and women, so sign up with a friend today!

The game format for summer league is “mixed” (co-ed) 4/3 – meaning 4 men & 3 women are on the field at a time. We feel this format promotes a positive playing experience for women by ensuring they have an impact on the game. This usually means we have more men interested in the league than we have spots for, so registration fills up FAST for men.

Summer League participants are also invited to social events that AFDC hosts throughout the season, usually at a local brewery or another large venue. Ultimate is a community and we enjoy socializing with one another off the field as well! Teams will usually host their own social events as well such grabbing food together after games or staying to watch other teams compete in the finals of weekend tournaments.


Summer League usually kicks off with a call for captains in late March / early April. Captains submit player cores that meet the league requirements to create teams and then draft remaining players on draft night. Captains are the primary point person for communicating league updates and game schedules to players.

Captains are the MVPs of the AFDC and make the summer fun & exciting for players on their team or help introduce new players to the sport. We’ve put together a resource guide specifically for captains to help them help others. Summer League captains can also receive a 50% discount on league fees as a thank you for helping us lead a successful summer!


Players register through our leagues page where they create a player profile & submit their skill rank to help balance teams. Summer League registration typically fills up quickly, so know dates for registration and get on it early!

**Heads Up** We no longer accept PayPal. If you have this stored as your payment method and don’t change it, your registration may fail.

Got a buddy you just have to play Summer League with? You can! Just follow these steps:

  • Get both players registered and paid (only “active” players can pair)
  • Find your buddy on the Players list and select “invite to pair”
  • Have your buddy accept your invitation

All steps must be followed, or the pair won’t count in the draft. For more information, check out this how-to guide on pairing.


AFDC is a non-profit organization and league fees are used to pay for field costs, social events & our organization’s community outreach efforts & overhead. Our refund policy provides guidelines for when refunds will be granted. We do not offer refunds for rain outs, but leagues usually include additional games or rain our activities assuming some will occur.

Summer League jerseys are not covered by dues, but thanks to our partnership with them, Spin offers discounts specifically for summer league teams.


We do our best to play when field facilities allow and conditions are safe. However, due to rain and other bad weather some games may still be cancelled. Notice of a rainout will be communicated by the league commissioner to captains and then on to players if conditions are known in advance. You can also get text notifications of rainouts by signing up in the notifications section of your user profile at At all times, captains and players should abide by our weather policy. Do not play if conditions are unsafe!

Our Summer League Commissioner, Jon Fey, puts in a lot work to make this league happen & ensure everyone has a great time. Thank them the next time you see them on a field!

Reach out to him with questions or to offer your gratitude at

Congrats to 2019 EOS tournament winners –  Hamburglars!

Summer League 2022 key dates:

  • May 9th – Women’s registration opens
  • May 16th – Men’s registration opens
  • May 31st – First day of play
  • Aug 4th – Last day of play

Weeknight games will be at in-town fields. Schedules will be shared beforehand so players know where to go. Details for the weekend tournaments are still being finalized. 

For questions or more information, please contact


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