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Update [12/12/2016]: The 2016 season is over after another successful year. We intend on beginning to plan for the 2017 league in summer of 2017, please contact the Metro Middle School League Coordinator if you are interested in joining these discussions or are trying to start a team of your own. Can’t wait for your middle schoolers to play more ultimate? Please consider signing them up for the MS Spring League!

The AFDC Juniors Metro Middle School League is a school-based league: schools organize their own teams and play against teams from other schools. The Metro Middle School League and the End of Season tournament are both sanctioned by USA Ultimate, the National Governing Body for the sport of Ultimate in the United States.


Questions?? Contact Metro Middle School League Coordinator

Participating 2015 Schools (click for email contact)

Team Requirements: (for team organizers & managers)

  • Each player has to provide an AFDC waiver through online registration.
  • Each player has to provide a Medical Authorization form (link). Where it prompts for Name of chaperone, put “Authorized Team Chaperone”. Retain these for your team in your event notebook.
  • Each player has to pay AFDC to cover a 2017 USAU Affiliate membership.
  • Provide a chaperone who completes an NCSI background check (link). One team chaperone must attend each game.
  • Home team maintains & keeps an event notebook at each game.

Rules Overview:

  • Schools schedule their own games with other schools
  • Games: 75 minute cap, games to 13, 5 minute half at 7, 1 two minute timeout per half, at time cap, game over after point in progress is completed.  If tied at that point, play 1 more point to break tie.
  • Coaches should report their team’s SOTG (link) score for their opponent when they post the game’s score.



League Benefits:

  • No league participation fee
  • USAU general liability & medical insurance coverage for all registered participants & volunteers
  • USAU Insurance certificate for each facility
  • USAU Play it Forward (link) financial assistance for players
  • AFDC Grants (link) financial assistance for playersics ulty 1
  • AFDC reimburses for two NEW chaperones per school. $21.50 per chaperone
  • AFDC reimburses for new player clinics at each school. These are in-school programs targeting players not on the school competition/traveling teams. (e.g. Learn to play clinics) $200 + gifts
  • League End of Season Tournament trainer allowance. $250
  • Georgia Soccer Park (GSP) fees for EoS or midseason round robin event. $500
  • GSP field rental access
  • Field rental discounts (City of Atlanta, GSP, Piedmont park, Dekalb County parks)
  • AFDC reimburses for one USA Coaching Certification per team. $82.50
  • $6 Discraft Ultrastar (4-6 week turnaround on league order)
  • Spin Ultimate discounts (eg, 15% discount online orders, jersey pricing, etc)

Questions?? Contact Metro Middle School League Coordinator

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