All players must sign and date a waiver either electronically or in paper form BEFORE playing in any AFDC game. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign for them before playing.

  • Team waiver form.
  • Individual/Minor waiver form.

Forms may be returned to your captain, commissioner, a SC member, or scanned and emailed to afdcprez@gmail.com


CDC Concussion Info Sheet

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that changes the way the brain normally works. A concussion is caused by bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. Even a “ding,” “getting your bell rung,” or what seems to be a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious.

Georgia Soccer Park

The AFDC is happy to have a partnership with GSP. They provide us with elite field space. As a partner we are committed to helping to preserve this great facility. As a consequence we require players to wear turf cleats or sneakers when playing at GSP. There may be exceptions for tournament. Individual league coordinators will have information on that.

Also for safety purpose we do not allow any players to participate in a game barefoot. This applies to GSP or any COA field.


20 yard endzones, 70 yard (or 65 if needed) playing field.


The AFDC has many members who are pet owners. If you decide to take your pet to a game please know you are responsible for the animal at all times. Please also be considerate to other players who may have different feelings/comfort levels with animals.

  • Yield to local city or field rules/signs.
  • Dogs should be leashed at all times.
  • Owners are required to pick up after their pet’s “business.”
  • Dogs should be tied up a safe distance away from the fields of play.
  • Dogs should be tied up a safe distance from players/bags on sidelines.
  • If your dog is aggressive, has a history of aggressive acts, or is easily irritated by new people and surroundings please leave them at home.
  • If your dog is going to be disruptive (incessantly bark, run on the field, use the field as a bathroom) please leave them at home.

It is your personal responsibility to use caution when approaching or interacting with a pet.

Please also care for your animals by providing them with cool, shaded areas to sit and lots of water to drink.

Game Cancellations

The AFDC will make every reasonable effort to hold games on scheduled dates/times while keeping player and field safety in mind as well as transportation logistics. Organizers will try to hold off on making a decision until they can make an accurate assessment of the conditions. This may mean going to a field site before making a decision. In the event of a delay or postponement, organizers will use many mediums to try to communicate players.

  • Notices can be found on our home page www.afdc.com in the form of a red alert bar under the header.
  • Organizers and captains will notify via email.
  • Organizers may use twitter @afdcweather
  • Organizers may also post on the afdc forums.

Wet fields

The AFDC has a responsibility to protect the fields we play on. This may mean the use of turf cleats or cancellations. Playing on wet turfs may also be unsafe to players. The determination of whether cleats can be used, turfs are required, or games must be postponed falls to league organizers and field owners (or to captains when neither is present). This can be difficult decision. Please be patient. When there is doubt, decision makers should be cautious.

  • If there is standing water visible on the field, play should be postponed.
  • If water appears when you step on the field, the field may be too wet to play. In this case it needs to be assessed whether this is a localized wet spot or conditions are widespread throughout the field site.
  • If any captains at the field have reservations about playing on the field please do not play.
  • If games are called due to wet fields please do not use the field for the rest of the day. This includes no pick up.


Playing in extremely warm and humid conditions can be dangerous. AFDC organizers will do their best to schedule tournaments in ways to help combat the effects of such conditions (shorter rounds, more byes and breaks, earlier games, etc). Players and captains should make it a priority to hydrate, seek shade, wear sunblock, rest, and observe the condition of other players.

It becomes unsafe to play sports when the heat index enters the orange and red areas of this table. Please be understanding if conditions become dangerous, we may need to postpone or cancel games.

More detailed information

League Lightning Policy


  1. See 2 strikes
  2. Thunder within 40 counts of the lightning
  3. Evacuate the field immediately
  4. Echo the call to the field next to you
  5. 20 minute delay, unless second round of league night.

It does not have to rain for lightning to be present. When lightning is sighted twice within an 8 mile range the following policy should be followed for all AFDC events.

Range is determined using the “flash-bang” method. Count the seconds from lightning strike to the sound of thunder.  Divide the number of seconds by 5. The result is an estimate for the range of the lightning strike. If the result is 8 or less (40 seconds) please do the following.

  • All players must evacuate the field and seek shelter immediately. Safe shelter includes: enclosed buildings, fully enclosed metal vehicles with windows up.
  • If you can’t get to a safe shelter, try to avoid being the tallest object in an open field.  Avoid other tall objects, metal objects, and water.  Assume a crouched position with only the balls of your feet touching the ground, your arms wrapped around your knees, and your head lowered.  Minimize contact with the ground. Do not lie flat.  Cell phones are safe provided the person has followed these other safety guidelines.
  • Play may resume when no lightning has been detected for 20 minutes.
  • Alternately, play can resume if 15 minutes has passed and two consecutive strikes are calculated to be 20+ miles away (100 seconds).

GSP has a lightning detector that may be used by contacting Tom Deaver or another GSP employee present.

Tournament Lightning Policy

Event staff will communicate with players and spectators if there is a lightning danger.  Play will be stopped and everyone must seek shelter off the fields.  Do not take shelter in the tournament tent. Event staff will indicate to players when play is going to resume. After the danger has passed, team captains should meet at Tournament Central to receive instructions for resuming play and any schedule modifications.

AFDC Refund Policy (as of 8/25/2015)

Note: All refund requests should be sent to the league or tournament commissioner (found on leagues.afdc.com)

League refunds will be issued per the following policy:

  • Request made prior to close of registration: Full refund will be issued
  • Request made prior to start of league: Full refund will be issued minus $3 transaction fee
  • Requests made after start of league: No refund will be issued unless in the case of injury
  • Injury requests made after start of league: Prorated refund will be issued in accordance with the number of weeks that have occurred at the time of the request, not the time of the injury. (Ex: Summer League length is 10 weeks; Refund is requested after completion of week 4; Player will be refunded 60% of league registration fee.) Written injury confirmation is required by a medical professional if requested by the AFDC.

Tournament refunds will be issued per the following policy (only applicable to tournaments with individual registrations; this excludes all tournaments with team registrations, i.e. Terminus, USAU Series tournaments, etc):

  • Request made prior to close of registration: Full refund will be issued
  • Request made prior to start of tournament: Full refund will be issued minus $3 transaction fee, provided a replacement player can be found by the AFDC (at the discretion of the tournament commissioner)
  • Request made after start of tournament: No refund will be issued

Additional policies:

  • Any requests beyond those listed above should also be sent to the league commissioner. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis, however no refund is guaranteed except in those circumstances listed above.
  • All refunds will be issued through PayPal. Requester must provide viable email address for PayPal reimbursement. Refunds will not be issued in any other formats.
  • Refund requests to commissioners should include:
    • Name (as used in AFDC registration)
    • Name used for league payment via PayPal or credit card (if different from above)
    • League or tournament for which refund is requested
    • Email address to direct PayPal refund
  • The AFDC is not responsible for vehicle damages, break-ins or theft of personal belongings from vehicles or sidelines. Please take precautions when considering your valuables either in your vehicle or in your sideline bag and equipment.

Any additional questions regarding refunds may be directed to treasurer@afdc.com



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