Seven on Seven – Holly Symolon

By: Christina Schmidt

Boasting a membership of over 2,500, AFDC is comprised of a diverse set of individuals both on and off the field.  Although leagues occur year-round, Summer League attracts the most players with over 700 regularly signing up to form 32 teams.  What makes Atlanta’s Summer League unique among large-scale leagues across the country, is its ability to combine players across all levels of play, from the complete beginner to the elite club athlete, in one competitive league.  Summer League in Atlanta attempts to include all players, young and old and casual and serious alike.  Thus, in an effort to highlight the breadth of our membership and their experiences, I’ve asked seven AFDC members of varied backgrounds seven Ultimate questions.  Special thanks to Dan Konisky for his help in formulating this series.

Holly Symolon

1.  What was your first Summer League team?  Did you love it or loathe it?

Big Bhang – I loved and loathed it.  It was like coming into a family as a stepchild.  If anyone remembers back to the days of Big Bhang, I believe we were more than once called out as being the worst spirited team in the league.  The gentlemen on my team made both teammates and opponents cry (true story – look through the forum archives).  While I never learned to throw a good flick until I got on a team where Rex Taylor didn’t look me off despite being wide open (and not able to throw a flick), they hold a special place in my heart.  If anything, they hardened me so that I don’t cry on the sidelines anymore.  Now I just punch people in the face when they make me mad.

2.  You’re only allowed to make one type of throw for the rest of your life; what is it?

A hammer.  It’s NEVER inappropriate to throw a hammer.  Ever.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.

3.  What’s the most glorious play you ever made?  Exaggeration is encouraged.

It is so hard to narrow this down because OBVIOUSLY there have been many.  Those who have tried to guard me know about my crazy speed and out of control breakmark throws.  There was this time I had some really fast person guarding me – probably Mark Poole, or something of the like, and I burned that particular person downfield.  I layed out (probably about 5 feet off the ground), and got the disc just on the tip of my fingertips for the score to win Ultimate game point.  In the process, I dislocated my shoulder.  (The parts of this story that are true: 1) I layed out and 2) I injured my shoulder).

4.  What’s the worst or most embarrassing play you ever made?  Don’t spare the details.

Girrrrrl – I always look good out there.  Give me a break.

5.  Who is your favorite Ultimate player and why?

O.M.G.  Don’t make me go here.  I am going with the Asa Wilson (and Randi – can I do that?  How strict are the rules to this thing?).  Besides doing everything like a boss on and off the field, in general I feel better about myself after playing frisbee with them.  I am an only child, so while it may not seem apparent that I relish attention and compliments, Asa and Randi will often offer them up unsolicited after I do something awesome.  And despite doing awesome stuff…like…ALL THE TIME, they never seem to get tired of giving compliments.  It’s crazy.  Randi and Asa, will you marry me?

Obviously I could have answered this question 100 ways.

6.  If an Ultimate Frisbee heaven exists, what would you like to hear the “Ultimate Deity” say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

“You’ve always been a 9.”

7.  What makes the AFDC so darn swell?

Community.  It’s great to be on a field with hundreds of other people, and having it take a long time to walk to where you are supposed to be because people are (at least pretending to be) happy to see you.  No one is pretending, right?  (My self-esteem is totally intact)


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