2012 Spring League EOS Results

Congratulations to Big Gulps for winning the 2012 Spring League End of Season Tournament this past Saturday.  They defeated N.E.E.C.P. in a very windy finals match-up with a score of 11-3.

Also victorious were Communist Bananafesto who claimed the B Bracket championship and chadbrochill17 who took the C Bracket title.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play Saturday despite the rain putting a damper on things to begin with.  And special thanks to our friends at Spin (www.spinultimate.com) for providing us with some awesome gear to award our MVPs:

Finally, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the captains for taking on leadership positions; to John Boezi and Mark Poole for their help in scheduling; and to Jenny Lee, Romey Connell, Chris Church, and Pete Holiday for keeping the Spring League machine running.  Oh yeah, and Holly Symolon did a bang up job at emceeing the MVP award ceremony!  And as always, Mark Swanson, Rob Bobowski, and Ben Rainwater…you guys rock!

I hope you enjoyed the season!  See you at Summer League.

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