2012 Spring League EOS

Spring Ultimate League is coming to a close this Saturday!  The End of Season tournament will be held on May 12th at Georgia Soccer Park.

Pool play will begin at 9am and the Finals match-up is scheduled for 3pm.  For more information, click on the links below:

Pizza and refreshments will be provided by AFDC in the afternoon.  Additionally, this year each team has selected an MVP who will receive a special prize following pool play.  Congratulations to the following players for exemplifying spirit on and off the field:

Wild Things – Grant Farrington
Bonsai – Barry Clark
A Little Risky – Jess Beardsley
Whiskey Slap – Nick Brown
N.E.E.C.P. – Jason Campbell
Big Gulps – Phebe Brenne
Drama Club – Derek Rohrig
Hollination – Kevin Pass
Red Solo Cup – Gabe Miranda
Gratuitous Party – Thomas Apsey
chadbrochill17 – Steele French
Communist Bananafesto – Arif Rahman

Some Important Things to Remember

  • A $1 parking fee will be in effect this Saturday.
  • Cleats are permitted at GSP unless otherwise stated.
  • Temperatures in the upper 70’s/lower 80’s are predicted.  Please bring plenty of water and sunscreen and a shade tent if you have one!  Water is available on-site and AFDC will be providing some coolers of water as well.
  • Important alerts will be posted to the AFDC home page.

It’s been a really awesome season.  Thank you so much for playing and a special thanks to the captains for taking on leadership roles.  Finally, thanks to John Boezi and Mark Poole for their excellent help with the regular and End of Season schedules, respectively.

So, who do you think will win it all?

–Christina Schmidt, Spring League Commissioner 

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