SL2012 – MST info

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ok- the info … HFyTzY1bGc

a lot has been posted about being smart in the heat. please read all
of that, and relay it to your people.

games to 11. 1 TO per half, 1 floater. 3 total. please use

rounds are 2 hours. cap will go on at 90 mins. this should give
everyone time to finish their game, then get some shade and water.

cap rules: when you hear the cap horn, finish the point. IF one
team is ahead by 3 or more, the game is over. IF the margin is 2 or
less, add 1 to the highest score and play to that. (ex. horn blows.
point is finished. EAOC has 9. Good times has 6. the game is
over. ex. horn blows. point is finished. Goodtimes has 8.
EAOC has 6. it is a game to 9.)

pools A-F -3 pool games. pool winners advance to A bracket. 2v3
crossover winners advance to the A pool. crossover losers + 4th
place G pool team meet at the big tent for a 7 team roche after the
last round. winner of that roche gets the 16 seed in the A bracket,
all the losers go to the C bracket. 4th place teams go to D
pool G – top 3 teams go to the A bracket. no crossover. 4th place
team goes to the 7 team roche. 5 th place teams go to the D

drink water. save your boozing until you are done playing. there
are kegs for that time. be smart about getting wasted.

cleats are allowed, but throw your turfs in the car. you never know.

grimes will be serving a meal for everyone (free) later in the day.
chicken and pasta salad and dessert.

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