SLPP Week 1

Here is the summer league power poll after week 1 results.

Week 1 Top 10

  1. Yeah Buddy
  2. Mother Lovers
  3. EAOC
  4. Kennesaw
  5. Booty Time
  6. Cat Smashers
  7. Samboni Supplies
  8. Party Rock
  9. Shark Attack
  10. Oo-da-lalley

Other receiving votes: Long hot thumber, lucky, stranger danger, herschel, birthday party, brontosaurus, grim kreepers, koch block, 17 again, team 31, goodtimes

Here is the google doc with voting details

 Top 5 fun teams

  1. Booty Time
  2. Goodtimes
  3. Party Rock
  4. EAOC
  5. 420

Others receiving votes: Pretty bird,  oo-da-yadda yadda, cat smashers, serious trouble, stranger danger, shark attack, herschel, birthday party, neverland ranch hands, samboni supplies, long hot thumber.



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