AFDC Bylaws Updated

The steering committee has voted to update their bylaws. Click to find out details of what changed.

The Steering Committee held a regular meeting on July 9, 2012.  An ongoing priority of the Steering Committee has been to update our bylaws. Earlier this year, the Steering Committee adopted significant changes to the bylaws. After receiving feedback from both the general membership and the Officers of the Steering Committee, a special committee once again met to review and propose changes. That committee consisted of: Chris Blackburn, John Boezi, Christopher Church, Ben Rainwater, and Christina Schmidt.  On Monday night, based on the special committee’s recommendations, the Steering Committee voted to adopt these bylaws. The major revisions include:

  1. Changing the name ‘Steering Committee’ to ‘Board of Directors.’  (I’ll maintain the former language throughout this message).
  2. The election process. The Steering Committee received general feedback from the membership that the membership did not have a powerful enough voice in the election process. The Steering Committee has every intention to engage the membership in a meaningful way, and we believe our current and former bylaws reflect that. Nonetheless, we have created an Elections Committee (for whom members can not be current or former (within 5 years) officers of the steering committee) to provide an additional layer of oversight and accountability.
  3. General Structural Changes. The Steering Committee, moving forward, will do much more work through its various committees. Members of these committees may be Officers of the Steering Committee, but need not be.

Upon adopting these bylaws, there were three vacancies on the Steering Committee that needed to be filled. The following Officers were temporarily elected unanimously by the then-present Officers of the Steering Committee:

  1. Christopher Church, Secretary, temporary term expires October 1, 2012
  2. Brian Lynch, Ultimate Director, temporary term expires October 1, 2012
  3.  Christina Schmidt, Goaltimate Director, temporary term expires October 1, 2012

Pursuant to our bylaws, members of AFDC have a right to vote for or against any candidate elected as an Officer of the Steering Committee. While all three of these members are currently officers of the Steering Committee, they are each stepping into new positions.  Accordingly, we request your vote. Please send your vote to by July 25, 2012. Pursuant to our old and current bylaws, failure to vote constitutes a vote in favor of the Steering Committee’s nomination.

I welcome any questions or feedback.

Thank you,


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