Field Security

A reminder to all AFDC members to lock their vehicles and valuables safely whenever parking at a field site.

Atlanta Flying Disc Club

I would like to take a second to remind all members to take precautions to keep their vehicles and belongings safe. Please lock up your vehicle, keep valuables out of sight (or don’t take them with you), and keep an eye out for stuff on the sidelines. The AFDC is committed to creating a safe environment for our leagues and tournaments but crime can strike in many places. Its best for us to do what we can to protect ourselves.

There was a car break-in over the weekend at GSP during Club Terminus. GSP had long ago instituted a parking fee to try to deter theft. This is not the same as having a security guard on patrol (such as with South Bend). The parking fee has proved to be effective but not perfect. Break-ins can still happen but we believe this was an isolated occurrence. We have been in contact with the GSP staff. They are not liable for loss or damage to vehicles at the field but they will try to prevent this from happening in the future. Please park with confidence but also be smart. Contact me, another SC member, or GSP if you want to report unusual activity at GSP or another field site.

Thank you, John Boezi

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