SLPP Week 6

The summer league power poll is back after a brief hiatus. A lot of us, including myself, were burned out after mid season.

Week 6 Top 10

  1. Yeah Buddy
  2. Shark Attack
  3. Booty Time
  4. Samboni Supplies
  5. Beach Whale
  6. EAOC
  7. Cat Smashers
  8. Motherlovers
  9. Herschel
  10. Brontosaurus

Other receiving votes: Lucky, LHT, birthday party, pretty bird, good times, stranger danger, serious trouble.

Here is the google doc with voting details. Here are the Standings

 Top 5 fun teams

  1. Booty Time
  2. Party Rock
  3. Good times
  4. Serious Trouble
  5. Stranger Danger

Others receiving votes: EAOC, Shark Attack, cat smashers, birthday party, 420



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