Terminus Logo Design Contest

UPDATED with Design and Voting information. This year Spin is sponsoring a Terminus logo design contest.

(Update 1/31/2013): There are six designs to choose from. Go to our facebook page to vote or vote by email by sending an email to tourneys@spinultimate.com with Terminus Contest in the subject line. Voting will run until Wednesday Feb 6th.

Submitted by: Jake Dangler

Submitted by: David Leedle

Submitted by: Victor Pria

Submitted by: Matt Berry

Submitted by: Vinny McCrink

Submitted by: Alex Weisel



Spin will once again be providing tourney gear for College and Juniors Terminus. College is March 23-24 and Juniors is April 20-21.

This year, we’re sponsoring a Terminus logo design contest. Here’s how it works:

* Submit a design by Jan 25
* We’ll post entries on facebook and have online voting on the AFDC facebook page.
* The design with the most votes wins.

The winning designer receives 2 Terminus discs, a Terminus jersey or pair of shorts, and $150 cash.

Everyone who submits a design will receive a free disc.

Here’s how to submit a design:

* Designs need to be 2 colors and mention “Terminus 2013” and “Atlanta, GA”

* Designs must be submitted in a high resolution, vector format, preferably as an Adobe Illustrator file. Sorry, but we cannot accept JPGs, PNGs, or similar non-vector formats.

* Designs MUST comply with Discraft’s art requirements. Here are their guidelines. These must be adhered to.
http://discraft.com/art.html. Discraft’s specs can be very confusing, so if you have any questions, feel free to email us: tourneys@spinultimate.com and we’ll answer your questions.

* Submit your design to tourneys@spinultimate.com

Deadline: Friday January 25th at 5:00pm


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