NexGen v Chain Lightning

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The NexGen Ultimate Tour returns to Atlanta this summer for another match up against Atlanta’s elite club team Chain Lightning. The NexGen Ultimate Tour brings together 15 of the best college ultimate players from around the country (and one from New Zealand) for a 30-day, cross-country tour to show off their skills in exhibition games against any of the best ultimate players in the world.

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When: June 24th

Where:   Grady Stadium 929 Monroe Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30308

What: Exhibition game

The tour begins June 16th when the 15 All-Americans board The Spirit of Aaron Bell, a white and teal accented, 1987 Bluebird All-American school bus, remodeled and outfitted for adventure. They will set sail through night and day, and in and out of weeks, and over a month, to where the most competitive teams are.



Below is an excerpt from a blog post written from the road:

Google Maps says the drive from San Francisco to Boulder is something like 20 hours. This is for a car travelling the speed limit. The bus is not a car, nor does it travel the speed limit. The bus is mechanically governed to go no faster than roughly 57.5 mph, so even if it were capable of going the speed limit (and we’re pretty sure it’s not), it straight up can’t. George Stubbs claims to have gotten it up to 75 mph during one of his five-hour shifts at the wheel. The supposed record occurred on a long straight downhill section of highway sometime between the hours of 6 and 7 am while everyone else slept. Sleeping on the bus means using every surface available to find whatever comfort we can. The five bunks are occupied pretty much 24-hours a day during our long drives and by the time the early morning hours arrive sleeping bags and pads litter the aisle and we’re curled up and hoping not to fall of bus seats made to seat small children, not adult athletes. When we’re not riding the governor at 57.5 mph, it’s because we’re going up a hill at a respectable 40 mph. The 1169 miles stretch we drove on I-80 from San Francisco to Boulder gains more than 5,000 feet in elevation. It’s 5 am and Jimmy Mickle is at the wheel for the first time. “I just drove through hell,” he says.


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The NexGen Ultimate Tour is proud to help support the growth of our exciting sport and with the help of local organizations like the Atlanta Flying Disc Club we are able to provide the community with elite ultimate games that highlight the best players our sport has to offer. Whether you have been playing ultimate for years, just started playing or don’t know the difference between a Frisbee and a Discraft, the Chain Lightning vs. NexGen All-Americans game will provide you with an unrivaled atmosphere of spirit, fun and competition.

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