GOTW Canned Goods Drive

Cash Money vs Spare Change are playing in our game of the week on 6/27/2013.There’s going to be some fun. Teams will be collecting non-perishable food donations at this time. #Cupcakes

(UPDATE 6/25): Reminder NOT to park in the lot near the softball field.

The Haves vs The Have-Nots will be playing and there will be some interesting rule changes/additions but more importantly:


We’re going to be collecting non-perishable foods for donation. Your donations of such food (maybe 2 items = 1 cupcake? We’ll figure out the rules) gets you a cupcake baked by one of the members of our team. We’ll post the flavors this week but we’re only promising cupcakes while they last so donate as soon as you get there!!

We did hear from that Peanut butter and canned meats are always needed. Plastic bottles are preferred, but not essential.

We’ll also be collecting spare change and cash money to donate as well. So if you forget to bring food; give us the Deaver Dollars* you’ve stashed in the car for GSP parking or the quarters you were saving in your ashtray to buy that watermelon gumball you love so much.

Finally; remember this is a chance to come out and heckle some of your (least) favorite people
Nick Brown

and a host of new players to goad into making poor choices.

Be the change! Show up at GOTW and support something bigger while mocking us tirelessly. It’ll be fun!

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