2013 Summer Survey Results

At the start of this summer we ran a survey of our membership. Our focus was on the role and experience of women in our leagues. We also asked what you thought about captaining, parity, league cost, and fun. The results are shown below:

Thank you for participating! We want our priorities as an organization to reflect the values of our members. This is an important part of that process.

The women’s development committee will be giving the steering committee analysis and recommendations based on the survey answers but we wanted to show them to the membership first without comment or “spin.”

General Demographics
We had 183 people answer the survey. No answers were culled, but not all respondents answered all questions.

Responses matched our league 3-1 gender ratio:

Age Breakdown:

Other Demographics

Are you playing Summer League this year?

What previous seasons have you played?

How many years ago was your first league?


Member Preferences

How many nights would you prefer to play during the summer?

What would you prefer to do if 2014 Summer League split into Coed and Open leagues?

Would you prefer to pay for Summer League in installments instead of a one-time fee?

Would you be willing to pay more for summer league to fund discounts for new women?Image
I would pay $10       41    23%
I would pay $5        54    30%
I would not pay       41    23%
No opinion            45    25%



Have you ever captained?

Would you ever captain summer league?

What’s the worst part of captaining?
Making a core                            51    37%
Communicating everything to the team     11    8%
Getting emails                           0    0%
Getting people to show up                22    16%
Having to show up all the time           13    9%
Managing playing time                    11    8%
Team/Player Drama                        13    9%
Rainwater keeps asking if he's on my team18    13%

Member Values

Where a number is given, values were ranked from 1 (Not Important) to 7 (Very Important).

What do you think of parity in the AFDC?
We should do everything we can to make the teams fair.                      57    31%
It's important but it's more important to me to play with my friends       107    59%
It's not important to me.                                                   17     9%

What would your reason(s) be for not playing in or returning to Summer League?

When you think of summer league, how important are the following?Image
          Fun    Comp   Friends Parity
Female   6.56    5.13    6.16    4.93
Male     6.36    5.49    5.72    4.41
Total    6.41    5.40    5.83    4.54

How much would you like to see each of these activities in the next year?Image
          Balance Clinics Men's   Coed    Sat
Female    4.98    4.76    3.38    5.53    2.84
Male      4.54    4.44    3.70    4.88    3.13
Total     4.65    4.52    3.62    5.05    3.06

How satisfied are you with these parts of the AFDC?Image
          Balance Women   Parity   Fun    Cost
Female    4.09    3.73    4.47    5.64    4.96
Male      4.14    4.11    4.38    5.50    5.11

How big a priority do you think each is within the AFDC?Image
          Balance Women  Parity   Fun     Cost
Female    4.93    4.76    4.70    5.69    4.84
Male      5.02    4.86    4.66    5.85    4.84
Total     4.99    4.83    4.67    5.81    4.84

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