Spring League 2014!

We rebuilt it. We had the technology. We made it better. Faster. Stronger. This is…

Spring League 2014!




Whoever said you can’t teach an old league new tricks?! Check below for the exciting details on how spring league will work this year and what it all means.

What’s different:

Spring League is experimenting with a pod system this year.

  • Pods of 5 men and 2 women
  • Max pod ranking cap of 38
  • You can put together two pods to form a 14 person core with a combined cap of 70

What does this mean? You don’t need to put together an entire team to play with the people you want!

What if you only have a group of 4-5 people you really want to play with? Then our vigilant Spring League Commissioner, Sean Finlay, will step in to help fill out your pod and make it competitive.

Can you still sign up as a free agent? Yes! You don’t need to be apart of a pod or core to play.

What about registration dates, EOS, and fields? Inquiring minds need to know!! Simmer down now. All those juicy details and more will be coming soon enough. This is an experimental system. This little post is just to get people thinking about their pods/cores and so that any questions you may have can be answered before crunch time.

Do you want to put together a pod or captain a team, but not exactly sure how to go about it? Do you have questions or comments? Do you just want to tell the spring league commish that he’s doing a jolly good job, old chap? E-mail him at seant.finlay@gmail.com.


Photos by Christina Schmidt.

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