2014 Sunday Night Lights

2014 Sunday Night Lights is getting ready to kick off March 2nd. Russell Snow will be your commissioner.

<—-Who is the Ultimate Frisbee God in that picture???

2014 Details

Mar 2nd – April 27th – EOST on April 27th.

1 game per night,
Two rounds (start times TBD)
Field: Silverbacks’ park.
Play format: 4 men, 3 ladies
Teams: 8
Players per team: 15 (3 pods)Fee: $55 /player
Winner take all -1st place gets $750

2014 Pods

Pods of 5: 3 men / 2 ladies

  • Male max = 24
  • Male min = 17
  • Female max = 16
  • Female min = 8

You can send Russell either,

  1. full coed pod of 5 (3/2)
  2. partial pod of 3 bros
  3. pair of 2 ladies
  4. your info as a free agent

All partial pods need to meet the above criteria.

Russell will evaluate and use his best judgement to select all the pods/players to create teams. Creative bribery can be an effective technique.

2014 Free Agents

The way we’ll handle free agents this year is different.

We’ll open online registration on Monday Feb 10th at noon. Anyone can register, those on pods or those interested in being put on a pod.

Registration does not guarantee you’ll get into the league. It is not a first come, first serve situation.

When you register you will have to authorize payment but you will NOT be charged for the league unless you are placed on a team. The charge will be processed through the site at the time we activate you.

People creating pods will see your name, email, and grank on the list and will be able to contact you. If a pod is then formed it needs to be submitted to Russell just like any other. He and I will manually activate all the players who get into the league.


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