7on7 Sean Finlay

Welcome to the first installment of this new 7on7 series! With this series, we’re taking a look at some of the people who strive to improve AFDC and the local ultimate community as a whole. Now, without further ado… He’s your Spring League commissioner ladies and gentlemen. That’s right! The always awkward! The always tall! Ssssseeeeeaaaannnn Finlay!



1) What is your current role in the AFDC?
I am the Spring League Commissioner.
My lesser known title is “Social Punching Bag of the AFDC.”

2) What are you looking to accomplish within the next year/season and how do you plan to go about it?
We’re going to be doing some experimenting with the pod system to see how people like that idea. I thought it was a cool idea for Sunday Night Lights in 2013. If we can get the concept really nailed down, it will hopefully take some of the pain out of captaining.
Sean Finlay
3) Why did you decide to get involved?
I’ve been captaining teams since 2008. Seemed to be the next logical step, and I wanted to give something back to a community that’s brought me so many great times.

4) What is your craziest AFDC story?
I voluntarily played a summer league with Bogle.

5) What type of shenanigans do you get into outside of ultimate?
There’s an outside of ultimate?

6) There’s a kitten stuck up in a tree. Only you can help it and all you have is the contents in your frisbee bag. Assuming you can’t easily climb up the tree, what do you do?
Well, it’s me, so you don’t really have to assume. I can’t climb the tree. Target practice anyone?

7) And finally, what do you love most about the AFDC?
It’s a cliche at this point, but the people in the community. I’ve met my closest and best friends through this league, and I think my life wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without the people I’ve met through the AFDC. I love you all!


Stay tuned to the AFDC blog and AFDC Facebook page as we continue with this series of 7on7!

Photo by Lindsay Turner.

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