Summer League Core Rules

Summer League 14 core info:

– 16 people on cores. If you’re struggling to get to 16, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with free agents. 10 men and 6 women – you’ll need a very good reason to convince me to let you have fewer than 6 women on your core. 9/7 will be easier to convince me.

– Cored individuals will have some form of ‘preferred registration’ to make captains’ lives easier during the registration rush. More details to come, but this should be incentive for us to get 24 full cores.

– Every person on your core has to know they are on your core. Talk to them. Send them an email, phone call, telegram, whatever you want to do. You cannot randomly core some person, because that person might have agreed to be on a different core. The new upgrades to the league site will likely mandate that your core members confirm that they intend to be on your core.

– Use the 0-9 scale we always use. Then subtract 2 for men, and subtract 3 for women to get the core value. (Example : Ben Rainwater is ranked 7 on the 0-9 scale. His core value is 5. Brigette Flood is ranked 6 on the 0-9 scale. Her core value is 3.) Half ranks are ok ( 5.5, etc ). NEW: You must submit the GRank value (minus 2 or 3) for players on your core. Those can be debated on merit at CRM, but we will no longer play the game of under-ranking chicken.

– The max limit for your top 7 players is a core value of 28. This is the same as last year. Freak out.

– The limit for all of your men is 39 core points.

– The total limit for all of your 16 players is a core value of 50.

– Call for captains coming on Monday

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