Club Terminus 2014

It was a hot weekend here in Atlanta during Club Terminus 2014 as 17 open teams and 7 mixed teams vied to take home the gold. With a focus on local teams, here’s a recap of what went down and some sweet photos taken by Christina Schmidt.



Open Division


Southern Hospitality made a strong showing at this year’s Club Terminus. They cruised through pool play with wins against Humidity(13-4), Pilot(13-4), Jello Yackets(13-2), and Shrimp Boat(13-10) on Saturday. That pattern continued through bracket play on Sunday, beating out Freaks Uv Nature(9-7) in the semi’s and ultimately taking home 1st place by winning against Bullet in the finals, 13-9.

Bullet was all the rage after going undefeated at ATL Classic, having beat out Omen in pool play and then again in the finals to win the tournament. They brought that momentum going into Club Terminus Saturday morning, winning their first two games against Strong Hand(13-8) and Shotgun(13-3). They couldn’t keep it together though, losing to Ironmen(5-13) and then Freaks Uv Nature(8-13) to finish the day with a 2-2 record.

However, they still had their eyes set on their second tournament win of the season and battled their way to the finals, but Southern Hospitality proved to be too much for them and had to settle for second place.

Sixpack lost to Voodoo(12-13) and Shawshack Redemption(9-12) in bracket play, so they weren’t able to make it into the championship bracket and finished the tournament in 9th place.

Shawshack Redemption won against Strong Hand(11-10) for 11th place, with a final record of 4-3 for the weekend.

Mixed Division


There shouldn’t be any surprise when I say Bucket finished the weekend 7-0. Their closest game was against Southern Revival(12-8) in the last rounds of pool play on Sunday. They faced Nooga by Nature in the finals, winning 1st place 13-4.

Southern Revival had a rough time this weekend. They finished 5th overall with a record of 3-4 for the weekend. They had wins over Boxcar(12-8) and Jolly Roger(9-7).

Score Reporter for Club Terminus 2014

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And now… a couple of photos brought to you by Christina Schmidt.



All photos by Christina Schmidt.

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