2014 Fall Goalty

Goalty, like many wildly popular TV sitcoms and dramas, takes the summer off so we can see the same boring reruns of stacked teams running away with the triple crown of Ultimate (what a snoozer).  Well, I picked her up at the airport, and she is ready to wake you up like an #icebucketchallenge. 

We will be playing Tuesday evenings at Coan Rec (8:00pm) starting September 2nd through November 4th.  Only 3 fields can fit at Coan, so unfortunately space will be limited.

  • Registration – Monday, August 18th – Sunday, August 24th (opens at noon, closes at midnight)
    • Spots are LIMITED – we have enough room for 6 teams (10 men/4 women per team)
    • Sign up here!!!!
  • Draft – TBD
  • League Play – September 2nd – November 4th
  • Regular Season on Tuesday nights at Coan Rec (8:00pm)
  • EOS on Sunday, November 9th – Location TBD
  • Format – TBD
  • Registration fee – $50

Core Information:

Only 2 spots remaining!

Three person cores, 2 men and 1 woman.  Maximum core points of 18 with a limit of 13 points for the top two players.  Men: 0-9 scale and Women: 0-6 scale.  All other players will be in the draft.  If you are interested in captaining a core please let Holly Symolon (holly.symolon@gmail.com) know. If you’ve never captained before, fall is a great time to learn!

This is one of the best times to learn Goalty if you haven’t ever tried it.  Also, fall weather is delightful!  You can break out your favorite hoodie that’s been sitting in your closet for the last 5 months.  Other fashion options that have been bad choices but are now reasonable:  legwarmers, douchy frisbee gloves,  and the start of your winterbelly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Holly Symolon, Fall Goalty Commish

Photo by Christina Schmidt.

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