Fall League Info! Get Ready!

Good morning folks! As promised, here are the details for the upcoming season of Fall League Ultimate:

Registration begins: 9/2/14 at noon (note that this is different from our usual “Monday at noon” start time, due to Labor Day)
Registration ends: 9/8/14
League dates/times: Saturdays, 10 AM 9/20-11/8, two games per day, games at city parks
EOS: 11/15, GSP

Teams will be 5/2 and we will be capping teams at 15/6 total. The plan for now is to have 8 teams, with expansion to 10 teams being an option if registration/interest calls for it and we can get enough captains.

As of now 7 of the captain spots have been filled. We are currently looking for 1 more (and possibly 3 more) Male/Female pair to step up and take on this leadership opportunity. If you’ve never captained before but have thought about it, Fall League a great opportunity to give it a shot!

Fall league is coming, y’all. Get excited for more ultimate in your lives!

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