Fall League 2014

Fall League! It’s happening!

It’ll be a lot of fun!

Keep in mind that more details are forthcoming.

We have a new Fall League commish! For those of you who may have been standing on the sideline, looked around and wondered “who’s that awkward-looking guy with the bright shorts?” That’s Neel and he’s your new Fall League commissioner. He’s looking forward to a fun season and getting to know more of the AFDC community through this league. He’s still ironing out the details with Poole and Boezi, but we will get you that info as soon as possible.

One last thing: if you are interested in captaining, please shoot Neel an email at nkotra05@gmail.com. We are looking to do male-female pairs for captains as we have done in the past, so if you’re interested in captaining, but aren’t able to talk to the opposite sex, don’t worry, we can get that figured out for you.

Get excited, don’t panic, and check back with AFDC.com for more updates!

Photo by Christina Schmidt.

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