Spring League 2015!

Aahhh. The first ultimate league of the year is quickly approaching. I don’t know about you all, but I’m already excited to shed my winter coats and start playing good ole 7on7 in some warmer weather. Sean Finlay has given us the official 411 on Spring League 2015…



The core format will be moving away from the pod system we had last year and will be going back to the 5/3 cores. That’s 5 guys and 3 ladies per core with a core cap of 43. Take note: there will be no -3/-2 subtractions from cored players this year. If all players on your core are ranked a 5, then your total core will be worth 40 points.

Registration will open up on February 17th and close the 27th. All cores must be submitted before the 16th. The draft will be held sometime between March 1st and March 4th.

Games will be on Saturdays, starting March 7th, with EoS on May 2nd. Games will be played at GSP and City of Atlanta fields. Game format will be 5/2.

More dude+lady captain pairs are needed! If you have any questions about captaining or Spring League in general, feel free to message the commish, Sean Finlay, at seant.finlay@gmail.com.

Current captain pairs:
1) Sean/Lindsay
2) Zirbel/TBD
3) Andy/Lauren
4) Dan Matisoff/TBD
5) Brandon Welch/TBD
6) Thomas Apsey/TBD
7) Mati/TBD
8) Kress/TBD
9) Rick/Plunket

And now… I give you a picture of Sean being attacked by cats, courtesy of Lindsay Turner.sean_cats

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