Sunday Night Lights 2015!

Do you have what it takes to compete in AFDC’s most competitive league? Aileen Thomas, the new Sunday Night Lights commissioner, has given us the details to what should be another hard fought SNL season.

Updates will be in RED.



Games will be at Silverbacks Park! Fees are going up to $50 due to change of fields, but the increase is definitely worth it!

  • League dates: March 8th – April 19th
  • EoS will be a two game bracket playoff on April 19th
  • Each team plays one game per night with two rounds of play.
  • Rounds at 6:30pm and 8:00pm
  • 4/3 format
  • 6 teams formed from 3 pods of 3 guys and 2 girls (15 players total, no draft)
  • Winner gets cash prize! League party anyone?
  • Pod criteria:
  • Male max = 24
  • Male min = 17
  • Female max = 16
  • Female min = 8

Registration opens February 26th and closes March 4th! Registration does not guarantee you’ll get into the league. You have to be activated by the commissioner. The league will run from March 8th to EoS on April 26th. EoS will be a two game bracket playoff.

Free agents, full pods, or partial pods of 3 guys and 2 ladies can be submitted to Aileen will then evaluate and use her best judgement to select all the pods/players to create teams.

Also contact Aileen if you are no longer interested in SNL due to the changes made and you will be removed from pod considerations.

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