Atlanta Hustle Announces New Owners

The AUDL announces an ownership group, headlined by rap superstars 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, and T.I., has purchased the Atlanta HUSTLE franchise.

Rap superstar 2 Chainz stopped in with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith to discuss purchasing Atlanta’s AUDL franchise the Atlanta Hustle. Here are some excerpts from the interview that can be seen in it’s entirety on ESPN3.

How did you first come to be a fan of ultimate?

“My boy Lil Wayne turnt me on to it. Yea.  I caught a link he threw up on his facebook page. Thought it was dope.”

What made you want to invest in a team?

“I been a sports fan my whole life. It’s been a dream to own a sports team especially in my hometown. I played ball in college and I can respect what these guys do, ya know?”

How did T.I. come to be involved?

“When T.I. heard Wheezy and I were down he was like, yo, there ain’t gonna be a sports team named Hustle in the A that I don’t owe. yaknawhatimsayin?”

What do you think of the Atlanta franchise brand?

“All I do is hustle. Their colors are fresh as hell too. I look good in purple.”

Are you planning to make any changes this season?

“I’m an entertainer, man. I’m gonna focus on the game experience. You’ll probably see some of my peepz in the stands – Jay & Bey, Nicki, Luda, and Barack. All them A listers. And of course we gotta upgrade the speaker system at the stadium to handle our tracks. Our halftime shows are gonna be hot. You don’t want to miss it. For real.”



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