Coed Summer League Core Info




Things that are the same:

– 16 people on cores. If you’re struggling to get to 16, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with free agents. 10 men and 6 women – no option this year.

– Cored players will be activated into the league independent of registration timestamp. Men – get on cores! Otherwise you risk being left out.

– Every person on your core has to know they are on your core. Talk to them. Send them an email, phone call, telegram, whatever you want to do. You cannot randomly core some person, because that person might have agreed to be on a different core.


– Here’s where we’re changing things: Use the 0-9 scale we always use. Then stop. Men and women are going to be valued the same for the purposes of core building, since we’re now playing 4/3. Since that’s the case, we no longer need to do any subtracting to make the cores. Just add up the ranks of all of your players.

– The max limit for your top 7 players is 45. This is, as close as possible, a facsimile of last year’s top 7 number extrapolated into the new system. Math!

– The limit for all of your men is 59.

– The total limit for all of your 16 players is 85.

– Captains should, if in doubt, use the GRank value for your players. In cases where GRank is comically wrong, go ahead and submit your best estimate and a reason for the departure. There is no CRM this year, instead a rankings committee will make rank adjustments as they see fit. Attempting to BS the committee will not work out favorably for you.

– Call for captains coming tomorrow

– If you have any questions, please contact me. This goes much better when we start a dialogue early in the process rather than right up against the deadline. Help me help you!

henry dot johnston+SL at gmail dot com

Photo credit (as per usual) goes to Christina Schmidt

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