Atlanta YCC2015 Preview

Thanks to the continued ground swell for ultimate in the Atlanta community and because of wonderful volunteers like Anita Summers, George Li, and others, the AFDC is proudly sending FOUR teams to compete this weekend at the USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships in Blaine, Minnesota.

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Teams / Coaches 

Thank you to these coaches who have volunteered countless hours during their busy summers to prepare our kids for success.

U-19 Open – “ATLiens” | Roster | @ATLiensYCC 

  • Matthew Knowles (Atlanta Hustle, Chain Lightning, Bucket Alum)
  • Tim Brady (Bucket, Nutria)
  • Chris Goodson (Ozone Coach, Bucket Alum)

U-19 Girls – “cAtlanta” | Roster | @catlanta_YCC

  • Lane Siedor (Ozone, U23 Mixed)
  • Courtney Farrell (Outbreak)
  • Anraya Palmer (Outbreak)

U-19 Mixed “flATLine” | Roster | @FlatlineYCC

  • Aileen Thomas (Bucket Captain, Nutria)
  • Josh Feng (Atlanta Hustle)

U-16 Open “ATLas” | Roster | @AtlasYCC

  • Byron Liu (Nutria, Atlanta Hustle, Chain Lightning)
  • Joey Shea (Nooga by Nature)


Scouting Reports

Although it will take every player on their rosters to win this weekend, we wanted to take this chance to highlight some of the key contributors for each of those teams (i.e. the players you well eventually need to up-rank at the CRM).

U-19 Girls



Sally Cummings

Grady High School ’15, UGA ‘19 – YCC Returner and Captain

Sally is a strong defensive player because of her ability to shut down opposing players one on one and in zone. On offense, she helps advance the disc with her speedy determined cuts. Sally can always be heard encouraging her fellow cats on the field and sidelines.

Eavan Hendry

Grady High School ‘16 – YCC Returner

Eavan is a fiery red head with lots of speed and energy that allows her to pop up on defense and snag discs from the other team. After tossing the disc to another player, she is always ready to take off deep. Eavan is an amazing addition to the team because of her skills and radiating positive attitude.

Meredith Fossitt

Grady High School ‘16 – YCC Newbie

Meredith is new to YCC, but you will never be able to tell with the confidence she brings to the field. She gets the plays started with her decisive initiating cuts. Meredith is eager to learn, and her skills will undoubtedly progress with each game.

Ollie Peterson

Paideia School ‘16 – Second year as captain on cATLanta, also played with u16 open in 2013.

Ollie is most definitely one of the most experienced players on the team. You could not tell she is a mere 5’2 feet tall by watching her play. Wherever you put her, whether it’s cutting downfield or helping out the handlers, she is able to make an impact with her speed and strong hucks.

Madison Smith

Paideia School ’15, UGA ’19 – First year on cATLanta

It is hard to believe Madison has only been playing ultimate for less than a year! She really loves the sport, and it shows both on the sideline and the field. Her athleticism (from years of softball and tennis) and worth ethic allow her to be a great cutter and defender.

Kaya Wurtzel

Paideia School ‘17, Second year on cATLanta

Kaya is another one of our players who feels very comfortable around the disc. She is a great teammate to have because she is incredibly confident, and the team can always count on her to get open as a handler and make good decisions with the disc.

Emma DeJarnette

Brookwood ’16, First year on cATLanta

Emma is a strong deep threat for our team. As one of the taller players on our squad, combined with her speed, she is unstoppable downfield. Not to mention her man defense is stellar.


U-19 Open


Jack Smith

Paideia, YCC returner
Dominant cutter. “Expert at throwing it to the dump”

Jaques Perivier

Lakeside, YCC returner/captain
Defensive Handler. Driving force of the D line

Conor Brownell

Lakeside, YCC returner
Dominant handler. Driving force of the O line

Michael Dillard

Tufts, YCC returner
Offensive cutter. “Mr. Dependable”

Eric Sjostrom

Auburn, YCC returner (from 3 years ago)/Captain
Offensive cutter. Wiley Veteran with matching haircut

Yusef Abdullah

Parkview, New to YCC
Offensive cutter.  Can sky Chris Goodson 1 in 5 chances

Daniel Sperling

Paideia, YCC returner/captain
Defensive cutter.  Puts in as much effort as Tim Brady


U-19 Mixed

2015-08-07 16.02.48

Katie Powell


Power thrower/cutter. Confident in skills and good fit for the mixed game (fearless). Great at reading movement of the disc and streaking past defense for scores.

Marie Periver


Great thrower/cutter. Aggressive in cuts and defense. Dangerous with the disc and will likely be a key player. She also can run for days!

Wyatt Thompson

Rising HS Senior Chamblee , First year with Atlanta YCC

Wyatt is an anchor on our defensive line. At 6′ 3″, he is the tallest guy on our team, yet he still possesses great quickness and speed, especially for his height. Wyatt uses his size to his advantage as a strong cutter, but also compliments his size and athleticism with a variety of throws.

Griffin Kish

Rising College Freshman, Grady / Mercer
Returning YCC player, previously played with ATLiens, Co-Captain

Griffin may be the fastest youth player in Atlanta, winning multiple 70 yd sprint challenges during the YCC combine. Explosive as both a handler and cutter, he embodies quick movement, maximum effort, and adaptability on the field. It’s no wonder he was elected as one of the captains of our team.

Sean Diller

Rising College Sophomore, Brookwood / UGA, First Year YCC player

Sean provides a steady handler presence for the team. As the only male player with collegiate ultimate experience, with UGA’s Chilly Dawgs, Sean prides himself with strong throws, smart decision making, and a relentless work ethic.

Austin Hegmon

Rising College Freshman, Lakeside / Georgia Southern, First year YCC player

Austin is one of the most athletic youth players in Atlanta. His combination of size and speed makes him a terror as a down field threat, especially in the air. Expect Austin to make some huge plays on defense for us and to shut down opponents’ main cutters.

Mirenli Negron

Brookwood HS

Super fast and never gets tired. Runs in the cup constantly. Always a positive attitude.


U-16 Open


“ATLas is a tough team focused on smart, team defense and versatile, dynamic offense. With a strong balance of experienced returners and athletic hard working rookies, ATLas is poised to follow up a solid finish in 2014 this year. ATLas is proud to represent the Atlanta ultimate community, and the depth of talent and heart that these players demonstrate ensures that the future is bright for the sport in our region.”

Jay Burnett

Lakeside HS, Returner, 1st year Captain

All around offensive and defensive player, great athlete. Team leader, always willing to make the play that needs to be made

Luke Smith

Paideia HS, Returner, 2nd year Captain

Great offensive mind, disc skills. Luke will take advantage of whatever the defense gives him and is a great vocal leader for the team

Sam Smith

Paideia HS, Returner

Tenacious defender, top cutter. Sam will shut down the best player on the other team in the biggest moments this weekend

Coleman Tappero

Paideia HS, Returner, Captain

Vocal leader, big throws, strong defender. Coleman will run the D-line and create points off of turnovers for us with goals or assists

David Chalmers

Rising freshmen at Paideia HS, Returner, Spirit Captain

Excellent disc skills, punishing offensive handler. David has great spirit, both for opponents and within his own team, and will always work to keep us excited and positive throughout the weekend

Shez Malik

Brookwood HS, 1st year YCC

Versatile, hard working defender. Shez will shut down mid-range cutters and handlers and punish them with deep cuts off the turn. His speed will surprise people all weekend.

Jake Powell

Rising freshmen, 1st year YCC

Great reset handler, release valve on offense.  Jake has excellent field awareness and decision-making for his age, and will be a big part of the offense this weekend on an offensive line stacked with talent.

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